Bitcy neighbors: Problem solved

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by WarCrimes, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Save a paper towel roll and stuff two dryer sheets, of your liking, in it. Blow your smoke through it and no more bitcy neighbors.
  2. If only it was that easy .....
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  3. Make a sploof with activated carbon instead it will work so much better. All dryer sheets do is mask the smell but it doesn't eliminate it. The dryer sheet thing does kinda work but nowhere near activated carbon.
  4. Man gtfoh that's that middle school shitt. It helps but grandma still smells it..
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  5. I’ve used the drier sheets. I’ve lined the outside my door with towels to block the cracks, then spray smelly good stuff around the door. Blew smoke out an open window, and used fabric softener sheets. Two one the end and a few shoved in the roll. The adults still smelled weed in the house
  6. Yeah I could see it happening. Dryer sheets are better than nothing but activated carbon really absorbs a ton of the smell
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  7. 29D79C0D-8148-40C7-BA03-73A4573622AA.jpeg 1F7EB6A6-81AC-48B9-BCC9-65B908BD7E34.jpeg
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  8. Make em a batch of canna cookies n let em join the party
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  9. I love the smell of pot so um FUCK THE NEIGHBORS they are dealing with it.
  10. go to an online animal trapping company and order some skunk gland scent. One or two drops off this in the area and all you will smell is skunk anyway. Or if they mess with you , there are probably some diabolical deeds that could be accomplished with it.:watching:
  11. I love it too.
  12. I'm getting beat up here and learning at the same time.
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  13. Grow ...the cure your weed with the water cure method

    simply take your fresh weed and soak in a bucket of air temp water
    change daily gently too you don'y wanna knock of the trics
    after 4 days(for me anyways) I hang like sox and dry

    a person could be 3 ft and they not notice and you still get the hit

    good luck
  14. This one time my neighbor a hillbilly wife beating dickwad threat me for my weed being to loud.

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