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  1. im not to sure exactly, but i know theres a way. i mail my friend cash, and he sends the bitcoins where i tell them to go. to bad i dident invest thousands of dollars in bitcoins yet.. it went from 45$ to 105$ in a month... i shold of instantly dropped 8k on bitcoins and double my money...
  2. Bitinstant bitfloor mtgox etc. You can also buy them on the deep net for cash in mail or money packs,'s really easy and simple guys.

    With bitfloor, you make a cash deposit at a bank of America, your account is credited, then you can purchase coins from their market and either keep them there as an investment, or transfer them to your btc wallet..about as simple as you can possibly get lol
  3. i had .06 bitcoins i made like $4 from the price rise haha
  4. How long did it take you to get .06? Did you indeed mine them?
  5. na, i just had .06 left over from a purchase.

    i want to mine them though it seems like easy money but don't you need a fast computer and graphics card for it?
  6. Yes. Or you can buy these boxes that connect to a computer via USB and you can get insane hashes per second. Gigahashes...

    All for $150 and up.

    Buy yours today! :D

    But seriously, I might have to invest in one of these.
  7. i was reading on mining them a while ago and it said t hat most people join a community to help mine them and then split the chip that you mine based on your efforts. i wonder how long it would take to pay off any hardware investments and if it would be a guaranteed profit or not?

  8. Guessing you've heard about butterfly labs ? I don't know man seems dodgy as shit their literally sitting on millions of dollars for their 2nd batch and nothings come of it yet:confused:

  9. Really depends , theroretically if you could go steal butterfly labs top model tommorow and get it a month before everyone else then it would literally pay for it's cost and power >a week but think about when 100,000 people let rip with some much GH/S on the network , the difficulty will skyrocket beyond belief and it will be no more profitable to any huge extent than now although back when BTC launched 10,000 btc would buy you a pizza just and even with a cheap and crappy lappy like I had you could rake them in despite them being worth almost nothing but if I'd had the patience to keep all of mine I could buy a ferrari ... or 3 so it all depends when , how and how much you pay for electricity and hardware
  10. This thread reminded me of a time where a bitcoin billionaire gave out a million bitcoins to random reddit users. The bitcoin currency is going down with the economy. Invest in food/crops or gold
  11. lol invest in food/crops? Might be a good idea idk, but certainly the first time i ever heard that line.

    Gold has the problem of not being really useful when it comes to actually buying/selling and not just storing wealth.
  12. Can foods, seeds, and copper. Maybe other country currencies. Like china. Possible increase in currency in the future. Possible $

  13. You can acquire bit coins in a number of ways, Mining, Buying or Trading.
    So far I have only brought bit coins rather than mining for them. I doubt I would see much come in with power expenses and all.

    I use Mt Gox to do all my transfers, bitcoins are useful for people like me because they allow us to access cheaper and better strains of medical marijuana delivered right to our doorstep, rather than having to mess around with street dealers and what not.

    The current rate at the moment is £10 = 0.13bit pence. A gram of strawberry kush is around 0.13bit pence including delivery.

    Ive thought about buying a box from butterfly systems that helps you mine bitcoins at a really low power cost. You can pretty much afford to run it all year round with less energy consumed than a light bulb running for 2years.

    - Komatic :smoke:
  14. LOL bitcoin reached all time high today! $USD 5691
  15. It's not hard man. Get a bitcoin wallet, such as this Bitcoin Wallet - Blockchain .

    Google the best sites to buy bitcoins depending on your chosen form of payment. Like You'll have to show id the first time but after you get a good review they wont bother. Register, click buy, guy contacts you, you do an etransfer or whatever payment method you chose, then the bitcoins are sent to your account from there you send them to your bitcoin wallet. There you go you have bitcoins, you can send wherever you want.

    Or if you are in big city chances are pretty high there's a bitcoin ATM near you, you just go feed the machine cash show it your bitcoin wallet code and the coins get sent right to your wallet. Bitcoin ATM near me | CoinATMRadar

    The complication comes in if you plan on using those bitcoins illegally, in which case yes you would need to send multiple wallets preferably based in the dark net so you 'wash' your coins before using. I wouldn't recommend it if that's your intention and you are not computer savvy. The darknet is a pit of vipers, hackers, phishers, scammers, identity thiefs, you basically need to have a separate computer with ZERO personal info on it running preferably a linux based system, running your connection through a vpn before connecting to TOR. Using separate names and passwords than what you usually use on your legal accounts. And you just need to be constantly vigilant that your not leaving a fingerprint that could lead back to you, and if you dont know the in's and out's of basic networking there's going to be a ton of things you didn't consider.
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  16. There is a new cryptocurrency part of the forum, you should post what you know there. It's goog to have someone willing to break it all down. You're doing the Lord's work :metal:

    Edit: because fuck you spell check...
  17. Haha seing all those posts from 2011 and on.. too bad i didn't invest few years ago :) but its always good to know how to trade and use crypto :)
    btw: congrats guys haha :D
  18. BTC is trading at like 6800, meaning it fell $700 today.
  19. yep very unstable this means that it was being sold so the price drops ,as people buy bitcoin the price will increase .so buy now it will rise again.
  20. But the bad market is coming. Summer does have a negative effect on stocks and cryprocurrency. I am still hodling LTC, bought it at $124, today I woke up it was $99 :'( Well, this winter better be good!

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