Bitcoin will survive because it is Anti-government/banks?

Discussion in 'Blockchain and Crypto Currencies' started by Blumengeist, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. I see a lot more online stores accepting bitcoin so I want to figure out what it is and why it has such a fluctuating value. People seem to be investing in it because it is not controllable or taxed by institutions.

    Get rich quick scheme or revolutionary currency?

  2. Crypto will survive in general because at the very least there will be some user base regardless of whether it is accepted in main stream. I'll always use it to store my wealth. The main reasons for me are it's given value by people not by a specific government, non can cease my money, I know my money is safe under my control. You are smart to look into what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are. The mechanisms behind them are quite interesting

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  3. I’m very interested in crypto and just purchased some for use in ordering seeds from Europe but, while I see opportunity there, using it “to store my wealth” seems awfully risky. Investment? Sure. But long-term storage of wealth? A highly volatile market like Crypto seems inordinately risky at this time. It seems like a great day-trading opportunity, for sure. I made $28 in 1 week on a $250 purchase of Bitcoin. Then I bought an additional $250 and before the transaction was complete I’d lost $29 on that very transaction. Lol!

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