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  1. Is there anyone on here who invests in these? Surely, I cant be the only one.

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  2. Your best bet is the app Coinbase. You will always know price and how much bitcoin you have.

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  3. Yeah I bought a bitcoin in early 2017 for like...5000-something-AUD...? Went up to fucking $27,000AUD by the end of the year, then "corrected" and I think the crypto market has been in a bit of a slump's only in the last couple months got its dick back outta the dirt.
    I have like 6 ethereums and about the same amount of litecoin.
    I went to coinspot and spread a couple grand among everything they lots of ADA and POWR among others too.

    My only hope is that it's worth it in the end...most of the alts are just...meh.
    Done a few trades but not really. Not I have about 1.4 bitcoin and all the rest of the shit.
    I still occasionally throw a couple hundred into bitcoin or something else.
    But yeah, I'd say I've got something of a long-term nest egg.

    If McAFEE is right, I'll either be a low grade millionaire by 2021 or he'll eat his dick on live TV.
  4. Why don't you it yourself? am I missing something here?

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