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Bitcoin & Crypto Hashing at Home

Discussion in 'Blockchain and Crypto Currencies' started by calikevin87, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. I've been getting into this lately and I've found a couple different services that will pay you for your PCs hashing power, or ASIC rig or whatever you use. If you know of any others that you have successfully used or have heard that others have used feel free to post their links below. Here's the two I'm familiar with

    NiceHash - This is super easy, register, download the software, input your address and get started earning. Depending on your GPU/CPU power, and the current BTC value, you can make anywhere from $2-$10/day. I'm running this on my home gaming PC with an i7 4790k and dual GTX 970s and I make about $3-$5 a day with bitcoin as low as it is now. Highest I've seen it pay for me was $11 a day.

    BetterHash - This one is not quite as easy as NiceHash but will pay you in the actual currencies you are mining, if that's your thing. I only used this one for a short time as it seemed payouts were higher with NiceHash and I preferred being paid in straight BTC.

    I don't run the software constantly as I do use my PC for other things like web browsing and gaming, but I've earned $60 in BTC over the last month or so. If you run constantly you're easily looking at minimum $100 a month. Check them out and let me know what you think :bongin:
  2. Now subtract your electric bill and tell us how much you made a month. $1 or 2?
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  3. Couldn't tell you that, all I know is I only usually run it overnight when my PC is on anyways and I've got some bitcoin to show for it. It's a computer power supply, if you really need me to I can get the monthly cost of running it but I'd rather spend my time playing a game or browsing other threads. People who are into mining are ready to absorb that cost, and most of the ones who are doing it "professionally" are making thousands of dollars a month, I'm sure they are making plenty to cover their bills.

    What math did you use to figure out your totals?
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    No you can't just "absorb the cost". The power consumption is different when your computer is idling all night or solving cryptographic puzzles.

    Why do you think people are buying all these GPU mining rigs? And setting up farms in Siberia, where you have natural cooling.

    In Iceland more power goes to crypto mining, than on home electricity.

    Anyways look at your electric bill before you started mining and after. Ideally find an average from a few months. Now subtract the cost of additional kw/h used from the total earnings you're bringing in by mining. If you break even it's pretty good.

    You do have a pretty solid dual GPU, but it's definitely not a purpose specific setup. Just curious what kind of hash rates are you getting? Also, you could try mining another coin, where payout might be better.

    P.s. good overview
    I've started to mine cryptocurrency, and it's surprisingly easy — but I'm still 8 months away from breaking even

    And there's a link available for estimating earning vs electricity cost.
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  5. NiceHash uses an auto-switching algorithm to mine the most profitable coin at any given time, usually it's nist5 and cryptonight, but it's not running right now so I'll have to grab actual hash rates for you later tonight when I turn it on.

    I do get what you're saying about the cost too, I'll have to look back a few months and see, because I've only been doing this for about a month, maybe a little more.. And like I said I don't run constantly so it may not be a very accurate reading, but I'll try and get one nonetheless.

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  6. Respect too you guys, I don’t had the slightest clue on how too do it, might look into it myself know.
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  7. There’s too put protential too be exploited at this precise time. Guys have become millionaires of a 100 dollar bill. There was a documentary on it. Panarama bbc Bitcoin.
  8. I would do it on my home gaming rig, you wont make enough money to justify the duress you're putting your main pc under if you make any money at all. I'd rather get purpose built systems and dedicate some climate controlled storage or something.

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