Bitch stole my hat

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Solid State Society, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Theres this girl I know from high school and I met her again today. I was getting into my car and just about to get ready to drive out the mall parking lot, until this woman comes running infront of my car. What the fuck? So she starts flailing her arms and then I recognized who she was. Hadn't seen her in years so it was pretty flipping awkward. I'm thinking "Shit! How did she recognize me?" I wore my Wayfarers sunglasses the whole time I was in the mall, and I love fedora hats, so I was wearing one. Basically, I looked like one shady motherfucker in a disguise - but that's because I was stoned and my eyes were as red as the devil's dick.

    Anyway, were talking for about 10 minutes and she says "nice hat! can I see it?" . I removed my hat from my head and I put it on hers and I complimented her, saying the fedora suits her 100%. She's like, "Wow, really?" ..........

    ..........and she fucking bolts! SERIOUSLY! She ran the fuck off. She dipped out of there. I wasn't about to run after some girl in the parking lot of a mall, especially with all the cops around. Black dude running after some white girl in a mall? Nahhhh. I just stood there and stared at this girl who I hadn't seen in about 2 years run off with my hat. Completely stunned. It's about 1:00am and I still cant believe that happened. I have a shit ton of fedoras so I'm not going to miss that one at all (it was 12 bucks lol)

    But still! What the fuck? That's what I call a trip....
  2. Damn... that's crazy dude. What ever happened to white people being afraid of black people?

  3. slavery happened
  4. i would fuck with his just for being a classic bitch. women these days..
  5. Find out where that bitch lives and dump sheep's blood all over her floor.

  6. Anyone see how the second quote answers the first? r is it just me?
  7. if it was me even stoned i would have been watching her body movements i would have grabbed her by the hair and knocked her to the floor if i got a signal she was going to try to bolt with something of mine on her running after her wouldnt of been needed and got in my car and drive away. then again im not black im hispanic so they woulda beat your ass like rodney king for doing that to a white WOMAN when you youself are a black MAN especially if the cops are white. you probably would have got tazed by like 6 cops standing a safe distance away and then get charged with resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, rape, attempted theft, and a shitload of other bullshit charges while your pissing youself in a state of semi conciousness drooling onto the floor.

    anyone remember that guy who got tackled off his bike in new york in a bike parade or marathon by a cop for no reason and he almost died because he wasnt wearing a helmet i think he was knocked out instantly and cops charged him with a crapload of shit UNTIL they found out someone recorded it happening and posted it on youtube hahahaha

    OP good decision to just let it go though very wise it might have been a setup to lead you somewhere or away from your car so it could get robbed or something but next time some crazy bitch comes outa nowhere flailing her arms out when your driving....keep driving. if its someone you know, call them later dont stop haha.

    btw this is the vid [ame=]YouTube - Critical Mass Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD[/ame] cops are just roid raging nazis man
  8. bitches be gettin' crazy some times, ya dig??
  9. Search for her on facebook send her a nasty ass message..
    Be all like BITCH im getting that hat back.. yes..
    Even if you dont care, she deserves to get a little frightened.
  10. dude she obviously took your hat so you would have a reason to call her.. she wants to talk to you
  11. straight slut
  12. Haha wtf? I'd be so confused if that ever happened to me.
    I personally just think she really liked your hat and wanted it. Though she coulda just asked where you bought it.

  13. Exactly. Find her on facebook, send her a message and be like "I wouldn't mind you wearing my hat cause you look cute in it...but I didn't want you to take it...girl you so crazy!"

    But that's only if she's attractive and you wouldn't mind poking it.

    If she's ugly then be like "MUTHAFUCKA...hat, now."
  14. is she "ghetto"

  15. Ghetto? Uhh I wouldnt say so? lol

    and i do have her on facebook, i messaged her when i woke up this morning. and she messaged me back asking if i have bbm. so i added her on bbm today and we've been talking back and forth. her words: "come and get it" wtf lol

    well if it's a plowing she wants....
  16. This. Fuckin retards.

    or she was on shrooms.

  17. i'd like to think she was on shrooms....
  18. lol yeah, she wants to fuck you. she sounds like an odd one though, so.. be careful.:smoke:

  19. She's definitely up for a plowing :D
    Go for it son.
  20. I'm subbing to this thread lol I can't wait to see where this one goes.

    OP, what does she look like? Is she hot? Blonde, brunette? WHAT COLOUR ARE HER EYES MAN!?!!

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