bitch slaped to the face.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by meow., Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. ok so recently my parents found a tiny bit of weed from about 3 months
    ago. this is my first major time in trouble and i'm a all around good kid i
    play varsity hockey and soccer and i'm the class treasurer and in student

    i guess i could pull my grades up a little i mean i'm smart but i just am kinda lazy. i have a good group of friends we dont get in big trouble or harm anyone.

    but now they took away sleepovers, possiably no car, no rides from friends, limited TV/internet/phone, less to no contact with friends that they dissapprove of, reform school???. so now i get non-stop lectures about " you need to straghitin up mr. "

    today my dad came into my room showed me my grades told me i had to get them up or no hockey and soccer, told me i'm the biggest screw up he's ever know and said he could spend a day pointing out my faults ( okay mr. perfect )

    for all they know thats the only time i have asscoiated with marijuana and i told them that they sould be proud that i stoped by myself ( lie... )i'm not a heavy user and only smoke every now and then. i told them they could ramdomly drug test me throughout the summer if i could have some freedoms back. ( guess they just like to see me suffer ) i'm not a bad kid but they make it seem like that telling me i won't get into college and such.

    i just don't understand, i look at them and say to myself i'm never going to treat my kids like this and i wonder if they thought the same. plus they grew up in the 70's i'm sure they did worse. ( dont tell me though ) those are just some detials and more happend but i just feel like there bitch or punching bag. so i'm pretty much grounded for the whole summer and taking it in the ass from them.

    so any commets, views, opinions, STRAGTIES TO GET MY LIFE BACK.
    ya know that sort of stuff.
    thanks GC your the only ones i could come to.
  2. Well,

    It's kind of hard to give you advice not knowing your complete circumstances. Are they supporting your college education? If so I hope the only "sleep overs" they have grounded you from are of the co-ed nature.

    Other than that I would tell your Dad to suck a fart out of your asshole and respect the fact that you seem to have a well rounded choice of activities that you excel in. You seem to have your shit together. The next time your Dad tells you that you're the biggest screw up he knows bitch slap him upside the head and tell him to make you a pie.

    My Dad is a straight edge Christian but he never, ever told me I was a screw up no matter how much I fucked up when I was young. He had way too much class for that. He led my example tolerance, understanding, and acceptance.

    What I'm trying to say is that your Dad is a douche bag, he has no clue how hard you work, and no idea who you are or how to respect you. You need to sit him down and have a man to man.
  3. If I were you, I would show them what a real screw up looks like. ;)
  4. That sucks.

    But in all seriousness, I LOLed when you said they took away "sleepovers"

  5. Word dawg.
  6. Sounds like you don't have a close relationship with them in the first place, so maybe talk to them clue them in on your life a little. Other than that don't see what you can do really, tell them its medicine here in MI now too.
  7. At least you have a dad.:smoking:
  8. and i could possiably be under 18 i think i dont know prolly but not certian. ;)
  9. i like your drug testing angle - play that card hard. if you think you can beat the test or just stay clean i'd play that angle every chance you get.

    everyone deserves a second chance - if you're as straight and narrow as you say you are i think you got a good hand to play with your drug testing offer.

    no matter what happens though - good, bad or indifferent - just remind yourself you wont be under their control forever and once you're done with high school you're free to start life on your own.

    good luck and let us know what happens!
  10. rofl that's good

  11. yea man my dad is a doc and he was talking about medical MJ long before i started smoking. cant remember if it was postive of negtive but prolly postive cuz theres not much negtive. they just dont like the whole " illegal factor " and that i'm still pretty young.
  12. I'm still trying to figure out where the "bitch slap to the face" came in :confused:
  13. I hate it when parents say that smoking weed makes you a screw-up or a burnout, when in reality their punishments (like no soccer/hockey) facilitate that state of mind much more so than weed does.
  14. It sucks, but as long as you're under their roof and under 18 it' their rules. Which brings up another question, why are you posting here if you're under 18?
  15. lol my parents gave me a fucking contract after i got caught for like the 5th time xD, i cant wait til i move out of this shit hole.
  16. you're parents just want you to do your absolute best in life. sometimes kids who do smoke get a little off track with school or there sporting activities, hell even adults can get caught up and off track. not saying this is going to happen to you, but it does happen to some. this means there's a risk involved with your usage. you have to understand that as a parent you don't ever want to take risks with your child's well being. there just looking out for you and trying to do there best as parents.

    work hard and study hard. eventually they'll see you becoming a responsible young adult and know that your capable of being a contributing member of society.

    if they don't..... fuck em. move out.
  17. dude... honestly, if i were you, and this were my parents, id show them how much of a screw up i can be. just saying if it was me with your grades, your achievments, id tell your dad "well guess what! look at what im about to do! and guess what else?! im not on drugs!" *punch in the mouth.* straight up dude, its not a parent thing anymore. its just a respect thing, there obviously disrespecting you, there your parents, but at some point there needs to be a line drawn.

  18. I think this is what the anti-christ felt. :smoking:

  19. tell your father that ive met much much much (x100) worse off people than you father thinks you are. For friend has gotten 2 dui's, crashed all 3 of his cars, been in trouble for weed more times than i can count on my hand (twice for slanging), is actually going to jail soon with a max 6 month sentence for the 2nd time he got caught slanging, didnt graduate highschool with the rest of us, addicted to bars etc etc etc.

    I also know people who are recovering heroin addicts. Tell your parents that less than a gram of weed isnt going to affect your future.

    BTW. if you're upset about your parents taking away might want to reconsider smoking the ganj.
  20. I smell a kid younger than 18...

    But in all seriousness, tell your parents to go fuck themselves.
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