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bitch lungs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dex‌, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. anyone else just find it impossible to take a decent size bong hit without choking really hard?

  2. yeah same with me for Js. I've been smoking for years and it's annoying

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  3. No. Ya get used to it.
  4. true. just keep tokin.
  5. Do you still get as high as everyone else?
    I haven't, over 8 years daily smoker and still cough up a lung almost every hit.
    I prefer joints or spliffs though, for some reason I cough a lot less or not at all.
  7. If I go for a big one I'm coughing hard, I think it depends on hold cold my water is though.
  8. never used to, but ended up with pnuemonia for a bit around a year or so ago...dunno why, but now its hit or miss, sometimes I ghost a tall Phire full of smoke like nobodys business, sometimes I cough up a lung just taking a hit off a joint >.> trying to do something about it this winter, though, maybe fix my lungs the rest of the way if I can...I probably would be better off cutting out cigarettes, as few as I smoke thats worse on recovering lungs since its hotter right?
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    I never cough anymore, from bongs, blunts or anything, unless im smoking outside and the air outside is really cold but in Florida thats rare. I cant remember the last time i coughed. But my bf smokes with me and he still coughs every time lol his whole family does and weve all been smoking for a long time. It just depends on the person.
  10. yea off a dab rig
  11. I'm in central FL and it just got down to about 42 a few nights ago and I felt fine

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  12. Yeah im in northern florida, right by the beach and it got really cold this past week but still not coughing weather. Ive smoked more up north in the mountains, below zero type weather and i realized thats the only time i cough
  13. I feel like I get higher when I cough like a bitch.

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  14. Maybe I'd be insecure about "bitch lungs" if every time I coughed till my eyes were watery I didn't get as high as a kite.
  15. nah still doesn't make up for coughing so hard you start gagging and almost puke

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    There's a big gap between watery eyes coughing and till-you-puke coughing.
    I've never gotten close to the puke level thankfully.
  17. Damn I hate when I cough so much I puke!!!! That's just from not having a drink nearby though. Cottonmouth is a cruel bitch!

  18. Just gotta take big hits and get used to it. Exhale all the air out of your lungs before you take a rip, draw nice and slow, wait for it to start turning yellow in the tube, then inhale as fast as you can...having a scientific glass straight tube helps because there's little to no draw and it shoots into your lungs. Drink water right before and after the hit helps, ice can help too.
  19. the only time i'll cough is when im outside and there's wind and im smoking...that's the only time

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