Bit worried to try kief? Can I get some advice please :)?

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    Hey GC, kind of new here, have a few questions.I've been grinding in a new grinder for a while now which has a screen to catch the good stuff :) there's about a gram of it now, and I can guess it's hella potent.I've been smoking more than a year pretty much daily. On occasion (3 or 4 times) I've been really high, which is fine normally and I always enjoy being absolutely blown, but sometimes I get a bit of an anxiety attack. My first two were frightening to say the least, but I've heard it's not so uncommon, and the other times since then I've been able to ride out and manage the discomfort from an anxiety attack induced by the high.I'm wondering if smoking kief (best method?) is going to get me so intensely high that i lose my shit?I'm really high but I'll try to explain, if this makes sense. When I smoke I feel like I can hit different levels of high depending on how much i smoke, how I smoke, and the quality of the bud. And if I hit too high a level (I make sure I don't if i'm not feeling 100%) when I'm not feeling tops it can freak me out a bit and ruin the high. So I'm wondering if kief just exceeds all the levels and is gonna make me trip badly, or if it's a different quality of high that I'll still be able to ride comfortably.Haha good luck understanding that :), thanks for any reasonable answers!
  2. Oh anxiety and weed. Man just relax, nothing is going to happen to you from smoking. And if you get anxiety, just remember it's going to end. And by end I don't mean your life, or the world. I mean the high will wear off, and you'll be fine. I know it's hard to feel that way in the middle of an anxiety episode, but it's true. Just gotta focus on that
    Kief is great. Sprinkle a bit of kief on a bowl packed for a single snap, take the hit and wait for 15 or 20 minutes, see how you feel. If it's alright and you feel like you want more, take another. If it's intense and you are done, don;t hit it again, or wait until you feel the peak fade a bit before you hit it again. Remember, you are in control of how much you smoke. You may just be a one and done kind of guy.
    p.s. make sure you have something to do when you smoke. If you sit there worrying and focusing only on your high being too strong, you will get anxiety about it. Read a book, take a walk, watch some TV, spend some time here reading posts on GC. be occupied and enjoy the high!
  3. Kief can't hurt you, once in a while I top a nice bowl with some kief, it gets you couchlocked for a good bit but as long as your mind is focused on something like the tv or a really awesome movie you shouldn't really "lose your shit"
  4. That's actually an awesome idea. I might set up a movie and smoke up 5 minutes in, so I'm already really tuned in to it.Pineapple express, take me to heaven and back :)!
  5. dont be scared homie
  6. I lost my cousin to kief.. :cry:
    Rest in peace Bobby Joe
    oh my...another kief victim...kief is just like bad ass strong ya know, a gram of it can kill many kiefs did he inject?
  8. Dude dont you will die . What you should do is send it to me so I can dispose of it properly .

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    He took it one kief over the line..such a tragedy
  10. Funny guys, hahaha. My misses is coming over tomorrow so I might laden the bowl with kief and go for it. I'm sure i'll be tops :).Yeah I can get through the anxiety when it happens now (rarely), but it's still a waste of weed and a crappy high, wouldn't want to waste my hard earned kief by sketching out hey :p
  11. Moderation is key. Smoke a little, see how you feel, go from there.
  12. Oh yeah, why didn't I think of that :S, that's how I learned to gauge my tolerance in the first place. Takes me maybe 4 blunts to get mind blown (took me a couple tries to settle on around 4), and maybe 3 hit's on a decent sized piece.Might just add a little bit to each bowl and see how far I can push myself. I have a QO of the dankies, so pumped 😁😁
  13. Alright so this just happened. Can barely type on an iPhone, in another reality rn.Smoked 2 bowls with added kief.Wanted to roll a bluntFeeling the sassy food magicProceed to roll cig by accident.Smoke said cig thinking it is a jointMissing the extra kick, realise my mistake, post hereThis kief stuff is something else
  14. You are overdosing.  You cannot die from an overdose on weed but it can cause anxiety attacks like you describe.   Marijuana is a drug like any other and there is a reasonable sized dosage to get you the desired effects you need.  Do more than that and the effects won't be as pleasurable.
    Cut back, save weed, and get a better high.
    Yes, kief gets me really blown and you only need a very small dose of it.  Take it easy with all that.  You don't need to be cheech and chong.  Use responsibly.
  16. Oh absolutely. I am very responsible. I don't have work on tuesdays so monday nights I like to have to myself and enjoy it. I use responsibly. I don't know if it's overdosing, because I can reach the same level and higher (like right now), and still be perfectly ok if the setting and mood and all is really chill, which it is in my room. I have a cheap caravan which i cleared out and built a room in. Mood lights, tv, bed and beanbag, speakers and stuff, super chill :)!)
  17. fuck is Barney still lurking around here
  18. [​IMG]
  19. I see what you did there, NICK. hahahahaha
    I love keif, I tried it only once. It was a beautiful experience. If I could I'd definitely do it again.
  20. I used to have a pollen catcher, or "kief catcher" on my old grinder and I loved it. Top of a bowl with some kief and BAM I was high as a kite. You do have to be careful with it, because even if you have a decent tolerance some kief can mess you up good time.
    And I know what you mean about the "overdose"... although I have never called it that. You can't overdose on weed. I just get way too high, especially recently. It's a bad feeling. I've learned to slow it down and just take one hit at a time. I used to be able to smoke two bowls to myself and just be buzzed. But if I smoke just a few hits now i'm blitzed. Three years ago I would have killed for my current tolerance level.

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