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  1. hey all im new to the whole growing thing.. and my buddy of mine gave me an 1/8th of sum rlly comercial bud ,,, with lots of seeds ) .. i was wondering if they would grow if i tryed ...

    ill post a pic of teh seeds but i was wondering wats steps should i follow to get them to sprout .. if they will sprout.,

    Thnxs for ur Replys

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  2. Uh, idont think any of those will grow, the one on the bottom right looks like it might sprout. Just look at the sticky threads or overgrow for germination methods.
  3. yeah they look pretty smashed up... my best bet is u pulled em outa some brick weed?? i may be wrong but if u see that the seed coat is broken its highly unlikly that theyll sprout... if thats what u wanna do tho its your call....

    get a paper towel and a siplock bag... wet the paper towel put the seeds on it fold it in half around the seeds and put the paper towel with seeds in it in the bag and set it on top of your monitor or tower or something/somewhere warm... cneck it in a couple....

  4. I'm doing the same thing man. I've been trying to germ some mexican brick (the standard commerical around here) for awhile now. (I've got some trying to germ right now actually). I'll go ahead and tell you man, it's about impossible to get the little freakers to pop. If you do the ziplock bag method give it like 2 weeks, cause some of my bag seeds popped hella slow. But even then, I haven't had much luck. I've been trying to germ anywhere from 7 to 20 seeds at a time and I've yet to get 5 to pop at once. So, I wish you luck man.
  5. thnxs for advice ill try it out 2morrow
  6. okay new guys! welcome to the city, ive seen this question floating around for a couple of days and its killing me! either you guys just dont know where to look for the proper info, or you just dont know what a good viable seed looks like. rule of thumb. if it looks like it wont grow, it wont grow. ive pulled seeds from bud that were screaming with life, you can tell these after time. and ive seen the seeds that coulda been something beautiful, but did not make it. i have attached a picture, and its almost color coded. the 5 seeds you see up top are of a brownish color with stripes. the seeds that are a group of 4 are kinda grayish/whitish, the 3rd set of 3 are what they are. not hard to figure that one out. now, if you are lookin for good viable seeds, compare them to the group of 5. if they do not look like that, put it aside. unless, you are an exp grower and know what to look for in a seed. the group of 4. its a suspect group. an expert grower may try to germinate these seeds, but not with a 100% conviction that they will sprout. i myself would be hesitent, but would give it a shot. if you are a newbie, i wouldnt bother, but hell, you have to try some day. again the group of 3 speaks for itself. hope this has helped :)

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  7. I've had problems with random mex seeds and the paper towel method. unoit posted a great method, however, especially for the lazy bum like me:

    Just keep the water sort of warm, and give it up to 3 days. I try to keep the cup of water dark, too (I put a beanie over it), and it's worked like a charm. Of course if the seed is immature or cracked, this won't do ya no good :D
  8. ND I know what you're saying man. I think the embryo's in pretty much all the seeds I tried to germ were already dead.... I was pretty much just experimenting around anyways.

    Yeah I had my fun with trying to germ bag seeds, now I'm going to order some of nirvanas top 44 from dr chronic. (now only 15 bucks instead of 19, big plus) :) Wish me luck.

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