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Bit Of Help Please?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Impure, May 25, 2013.

  1. So, this year I have recently looked into trying weed. I know a lot of people who do this kind of stuff but, I am just a novice. I have never been high before ever I've seen and held weed before too. But, as I was saying my friend and I are both willing to try some pot after this school year ends or exams (probably the weekend after exams are done). Now, I have no smoking devices at all. I don't want to go out and buy one because I may not even want to some again (I most likely will). I was thinking of making an apple bowl just for the first few times. Later, if I like it I will get a bowl. I do have a few questions so one being dank or schwag? Now keep in mind I have never gotten stoned so I know I won't need high potent weed. Also the best food for the munchies. A big one is green fever Iv'e heard it being used my friends brother gets it a lot. Not sure what it is either so, help would be sweet. Thanks guys.

  2. Always buy the dank. It's not just the potency that makes dank better than schwag, it's a better high too. Regs give me a headache and schwag is just... dirt.
  3. Good questions for a first-timer.  You want the best weed you can get because its just a better high.  The other difference is that you won't have to smoke as much and, seeing as you're a newbie, it will probably take only a couple of good hits.  Apple pipes are awesome.  I use them all the time.  Just make sure not to use any aluminum foil or plastic when making it. I have instructions on making an apple pipe on a different thread that I can copy/paste if you want.  Best food for muchies really depends on you.  I personally love pizza when I'm stoned, but really you should just go with whatever you want to eat.  Be sure to stay hydrated though.  I assume "green fever" is greening out.  To avoid this, just stay hydrated and don't smoke too much at once.  I wouldn't worry about it too much though, only happened to me once when I was really dehydrated.
  4. Dank...$1.99 Zags, two big bags of Doritos, one of those gallon water jugs empty it out and fill it with ice and your favorite Grape Drink, order out a few large pizza's from your favorite place.
    Smoke every last bit of it in joints, blunts...Get creative and roll some fatties, attach the papers together and see how much you can fit into the fucker.  Get higher than shit, watch some cartoons, thank me later. :cool:
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    You usually cant save an apple pipe past the day that you use it also
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    Get Schwab. When I started my buddy and I bought an ounce of great Schwag lasted us a month of smoking 3-4 times a week. And only $50. Plus it's more fun, get to roll blunt, and joints instead of just taking a hit out of a bowl, I also enjoy the physical act of smoking so blunts and joints are my thing lol. Also get some of your favorite chips, the white cheddar popcorn they sell in the bags. Hennesy is my favorite weed drink

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  7. Dank, it feels, smells, and tastes better. You'll get a much better high out of it as well, one hit will get you feeling it, a couple more will send you into orbit. as for munchies: goldfish, anything having to do with pizza (whether its delivery or digiorno), and ice cream. Along with a tropical flavored juice. Try some of those welches frozen juices, they're fucking tasty.
  8. Ok, thanks guys I decided to go with dank.

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