Bit of a nebbish question about a pipe

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  1. How would you go about smoking a pipe where the bowl is horizontal at the very end? It's like a hollow tube basically. How would you keep the bud from falling out?
  2. Sounds like your talking about a chillum or a one hitter. Pack it and then hold it at a little bit of an angle.
  3. I think this guys got the right idea if youre talking about a chillum... youre not supposed to put it up to your lips and there are a wide selection of ways you can hold it, you just need a quality seal... theyre called hand pipes for that reason.

    [ame=]Bharat - hash smoking locals - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Hold it up in an angle thats what I do, but I presume that theres different methods
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    it's a bitch to get it cherried and rip it without hash in the bowl sometimes, but that's how i always smoke it with my friends. otherwise, if i'm alone i just hold it up a lil.

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