bit coins going down?

Discussion in 'General' started by idkwatimdoin23, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Looks like bit coins are faltering. Does anyone think they will survive? And what's the next big currency to invest in if it fails
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    I bought some infinite coins and some potcoins

    maybe as the marijuana market grows they'll become worth something
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    fuck coins fuck currency
  4. Litecoin has grown more steadily and has had higher payouts then bitcoin. While flying significantly farther under the radar than bitcoin.

    I own a dozen litecoins and haven't had to deal with any of the bullshit ups n downs that go with bitcoin

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  5. I mean it falters every now and then but it's not worth $200 one day and $40 the next ya know? Lol

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  6. Same here. I have always mined btc with my asic-miner, but gpu-mined litecoin. (Barely anymore). When I reinstalled windows I forgot that my qt would get deleted :( Lost alot of coins there, sad for a poor man like me. Litecoins <3
  7. This guy knows what's up :)

    There's news articles on coins and shit since they went mainstream and big time investors started buying em up.. Like coin investing ideas etc

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  8. Yeah, I remember the old days hehe :) I remember when I started to mine bitcoins with friends since we wanted to buy weed on SR haha. Yeah, I'm also getting pretty irritated on all the companys that want's to start to get customers to pay with bitcoins too. Bitcoins will never work like a normal coin, because it's not meant to be like a normal coin. Well well, whatever happens to bitcoins, I have good memories from it :)
  9. Maybe I shouldn't say the old days, after all it was only like 2 years ago haha
  10. Litecoin seems dependent on the success of bitcoin. Every time I see bitcoin go up, litecoin seems to follow. Kind of like gold and silver. Last week gold went up and then silver went up 5%.
  11. Try investing in the dollar

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