bit by a black widow!

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  1. so day before yesterday i was cleaning out my garage, and i felt this sting on my left ankle. i looked down and there was a damn black widow right there. so i scooped it up and went to the hospital to figure out if i was screwed or not. i got there and they took a wait and see approach. all in all the damage isnt to bad, i have some bad ulcers opened up around the bite area and my foot is swollen but thats about it sorry about pic quality took it with my cell when i got home

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  2. Jesus dude. Shit like that freaks me out.

    I live out here in the "Near Country" (normal ol' town, but my house is on the outskirts near the interstate, so wildlife and all that shit are very common) and always come into contact with shit like snakes, skunks, spiders, scorpions, and all those other critters that start with an 'S'.

    The house occasionally will get a huge spider, but thankfully, no bites, and even more so, no fucking widows!

    Sending out my good vibes to you. Heal up.
  3. That is insane. If I got bit by one of those lil fuckers I'd probably be flipping shits thinking I'm dying or something. Glad to hear you're ok and didn't kick the bucket...
  4. aw, that looks so painful. hope you heal quickly :)
  5. I certainly would have been freaking out in that situation. Luckily I don't see spiders too often where I live.
  6. eww that's nasty shit. i'd go back if i where you. you can never be too careful about this shit.
  7. Man, fuck spiders. There used to be a bunch of brown recluse spiders in my grandma's garage when I cleaned it for her. Always scared the hell out of me...
  8. If that happened to me you could of sold the video of me freaking out and flailing around like a two year old.


  9. the hospital sent me home with some tylenol 3 and told me to keep ice on it, other than that they said id be fine. thanks for the concern though!

    honestly it doesnt feel as bad as it looks, it only hurts when i have to clean it, and change the dressing. outside of that it doesnt hurt so much anymore, as its a dull ache. im pretty healthy as it is, so they didnt really forsee the bite to be a problem, they told me the only times people really die from the bites is if they are sickly, weak, or a small child.
  10. You should have been like: Yeah, it actually hurts a lot, it was a black widow after all... I might need something a little stronger... :cool: ;)

  11. oh good. we don't need anymore blades dying
  12. I think its something like less than two people a year die from spider bites in the US. I'd be more worried about getting maimed through complications, especially since a lot of bites end up on the hand/finger area. Venom also has a nasty ability to fuck with you all of a sudden years after the wound healed.

    Snakes on the other hand will put you in the ground.
  13. dude that sucks balls, fuck spiders
  14. This could happen to anyone of us. Sorry it happened to you. Shit sucks. Wish u good on a speedy recovery
  15. Black widows actually aren't as dangerous as people say. People have that misconception by generations of people passing down wrong information. There have only been like 63 deaths due to black widows in the past 50 years. Black widows are my favorite species of spider next to the spiny orb weaver. Glad you're alright though. Good looks going to the hospital.

    "Although their venom is extremely potent, these spiders are not especially large. Compared to many other species of spiders, their chelicera are not very large or powerful. In the case of a mature female, the hollow, needle shaped part of each chelicaera, the part that penetrates the skin, is approximately 1.0 millimeters (about .04 in) long, long enough to inject the venom to a point where it can be harmful. The males, being much smaller, inject far less venom with smaller chelicerae. The actual amount injected, even by a mature female, is very small in physical volume. When this small amount of venom is diffused throughout the body of a healthy, mature human, it usually does not amount to a fatal dose."
  16. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dude i knew a guy years ago,,, a older man,,,he got bit by a black widow,,,,

    on his foot,,,,3 days later

    he died,,,,,you seriously need to get back to that hospital,,,,

    what part of deadly spider ,,did you miss?

    you need to rant and rave,,,,,, i bet you didnt have insurance right,,,, so they threw you to the curve..
  17. yea, ^^

    a friend of mine had a golfball sized hole in his arm from the results of a widow bite. .

    i get em all the time around here, just kill em dont even think about it.
  18. For a second I thought your other foot in the 2nd pic was something growing out of your foot. Bleh. That's creepy though, I would've been freeeeaking the fuck out.
  19. I've been bitten 5 times. The pain you feel now is the worst of it, but you'll get some very weird dreams while the venom makes its way through your body.

    It's a great time to get high, for some reason, the neuro-toxic effect really goes well with THC!

    Just don't let it get infected.
  20. Dude if that even happened to me, I would definately freak the fuck out.

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