Birthers (hate > proof)

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    Uh. Give the state of Hawaii a fucking rest, would ya please? I feel for those people who have to keep telling you functionally retarded slaves that yes, in fact, their records show he was born there. Your slavemasters are lying to you. You get far more attention than you deserve. Delusional people belong in asylums, not news stories.

    The original notion that somehow a communist anchor baby was planted in this country so that it would be guided through life into becoming the President 40 or 50 years later was amusing. It sounds like a ridiculous conspiracy/science fiction movie plot, the kind of shitty thing you watch on SciFi not so much because it's interesting, but just because you want to see if it can get even worse.

    Does anyone really believe this ridiculous shit? Do you have any unforged evidence?
  2. I believe a Blowfish birthed him in the sea and Dolphins swam him up to shore, and the Illuminati seeing this grabbed him up, got one of their paid doctors to sign up on it and raised him as a Child to become President in their image. The image of helping Banks & Corporations, continuing with the previous regimes policies, limiting more personal freedoms, capturing the Public's Eye with super cool dance moves and of course proliferating the Socialist/Communist agenda.
  3. And I have been receiving complaints lately that the Royal Council of Sea Dwelling Citizens has been receiving an elevated number of requests for documentation about him. It's starting to slow down their other records fulfillment and it's got to stop!
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    I always find it hilarious that the "birther leader's" homeland is in Russia.
  5. Well the last time I checked Musims weren't born in the US so he had to come from somewhere else. :confused:
  6. He took our jobs!
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    thats funny hahahaha
  9. Reminds me of this... clearly that blokes feminine competitive swimmer doppleganger ;):D

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    I grew up in the segregated south. Black students werent allowed to ride the school bus or drink from the same water fountains. The Klan was the biggest social organization in town and with the christmas parade and the 4th of july, the clan would march in the parade. I had 2 great uncles and numerous cousins that were active clan members.

    There is an easy way to know when your talking to a racist bigot. You see, they cant stand considering blacks as equals or deserving of any respect, so very soon into the conversation, they will begin to demonize the race. Demonization is the primary ingredient and is always the first sign of bigotry.

    Ive heard so much of it in my life: they dont bathe, they stink. Theyre lazy, they have large genitals and are ovesexed around white women, they like watermellon, THEYRE FORIEGNERS, MUSLIMS OR SOCIALIST.... anything but decent people or patriotic americans.

    The Tea party is just the new Klan, but the hate and bigotry is old. I can smell them and they can be identified by their incessant need to demonize.
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    Psssst, you're demonizing based on stereotypes. Its ok when you do it though, right?

    Honestly, the only people I ever hear bring up the birthers, are left wingers. Other than that, I never hear or read anything about it. Also don't forget that TRUTHERS thought Bush was illegitimate and behind 9/11. Is that racist too?
  12. Not based on sterotypes Dronetek, based on hate,ignorance and violence.
  13. [quote name='Postal Blowfish']Uh. Give the state of Hawaii a fucking rest, would ya please? I feel for those people who have to keep telling you functionally retarded slaves that yes, in fact, their records show he was born there. .........

    Then let's see the legal proof that he was born there, to two American parents, as called for in the Constitution of the United States.
  14. You're a product of effective propaganda and mass manipulation. I cant think of a single act of violence from the tea party. Unlike the anti-Bush protests that always ended in clashes with riot cops and the destruction of businesses. Hate and ignorance? I could say the same about you and left wingers in general.
  15. Who fucking CARES if his birth matched the conditions of the Constitution, I can think of hundreds of more important characteristics in a President - or a shoe salesman, or a soldier, or a sprinter, or ANYONE, it doesn't matter who in particular we're talking about - than their place of birth. What relevance does your place of birth have on you, as a person? Where you're born doesn't effect your ability to perform a task, being born in Norway doesn't make you a better President than if you're born in the USA - the skills of both Presidents will reside in a combination of their characteristics (such as sound judgement, love of humanity, putting the country before himself, the humility and good sense to maintain a respectful relationship with foreign states) and their knowledge of the political system itself. Neither of these two things have the slightest thing to do with where someone is born, our personal characteristics are what mark us as individuals (and individuality does not run along country lines...) and education is all that's needed to understand the American political system or any other political system.

    There's no actual practical reason why the President of the United States needs to have been born in America... there's every practical reason why you should have to be a citizen to be President, but being born there is both irrelevant to the task at hand and something that nobody chooses. Bush didn't choose to be born in America, after all... why does the fact that he was born there and Obama wasn't make Bush a viable President and Obama not viable? Neither chose their place of birth, neither worked towards it in any way, neither are any different in their capacity to perform the tasks of Presidency due to the arbitrary geographical circumstance of their birth... so why does anyone even CARE about this?!

    The usual answer is "The Constitution says this is how things must be because that's the best way for things to be, and it says this in the Constitution, therefore it's the best way for things to be and is thus infallibly right!" Besides the arrogance of assuming that any document is infallibly and always correct on account of the great faith/devotion that people/the establishment pour into it, the obvious and UNDENIABLE fact is that times have changed radically since the days that the Constitution was drafted. People themselves haven't changed, but society has changed markedly, in America and everywhere else. A document written 1787 by a group of upper-middle class white men representing a country of a few million people CANNOT POSSIBLY represent the interests of 330 million white, black, Latino, Indian, Asian, Jewish, Arab and 'European' men, women and children, it's simply impossible. The reason is that none of these 330 million people even existed when the document was written, they've had absolutely NO say in what it contains or sets forth to be 'good'... the knowledge is simply held to be self-evidently correct, many times justified on the cop-out of natural law and otherwise justified simply because it was written by the Founding Fathers. Adhering to a Constitution for the sake of upholding a Constitution is absolute madness, EVERYTHING within that Constitution must be constantly scrutinised for its relevance to situations in the modern, multi-cultural society, a 'one-size-fits-all' model structured on foundations that are hundreds of years old probably wouldn't have even fit people back in the days of its crafting (one-size-fits-all solutions rarely ever do, after all), let alone now! Constitutional literalism/fundamentalism is no better than Biblical fundamentalism, the rationale is the same in both cases...
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    LOL. Its people like you that remind me of why Americans need to be vigilant.
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    Sounds brilliant for all involved :cool:
  19. OBAMA is the '' DUMBEST'' president weve had in my memory,,,,,

    he's surpassed jimmy carter in my book...

    he dont know how many states we have,,,,,he dont know if hes a christian or a muslim....

    it took his wife till her mid 40's to actually feel proud to be a american,,,,,

    i think hilliary clinton best stated it,,,,,when she said,,'' you mr. obama arent qualified to be president....[ame]http://[/ame]



    the only reason he got elected is he's black,,,,,

    and he had a following of many brainwashed black people as his followers,,,,,,and im sure the same people who voted for him,,,,havent even being paying attention to what hes doing in office,,,,

    im sure they got other important issues than '' follow the president''

    like sitting on thier porch all day,,,collecting a government check or selling drugs,,,,,and eatin chitlins and pickled pigs feet,,,

    fuck obama,,,,and anyone else who is so blind that they cant see his DOWNFALLS,,,:cool:

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