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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by billy dempsey, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. damn man,, doday is my birthday...:) but like today as in the 9th...i got reall fucked up today, smoied 3 joints and a blunt. its funn as shit
  2. happy birthday man!.....

    and dont yell at me....hehe
  3. Happy B-day man!

    And it was her fault!:)
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) I'll smoke a bowl for you.

    I hope you got super stoned after 3 j's and a blunt!!! Pretend that tomorrow is your birthday, too, and do it all over again!
  5. Well happy birthday. I hope that you had a good day!
  6. happy birthday...sorry I missed it
  7. Happy B-Day!
  8. happy birthday to u
    happy birthday to u
    happy birthday dear stoner
    happy birthday to u!!
  9. happy birthday yesterday!!![​IMG]

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