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Birthday traditions for smokers :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Oathkeeper, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. So, I just wanted to share a birthday tradition me and my smoking buddies have for anyone's birthday in the group (and wanted to see what you might have)

    So we've got like 10 or so people in our smoking group. Anytime it's someone's birthday, we all like to try and get at least 2g, usually because we know about the birthday ahead of time we EACH have about 5g or more (most I brought was about a 1/2 ounce, cause I had just made alot of money prior to the party, and the friend was an awesome friend lol). And there's one girl in our group who is like the master-chef with weed-anything lol. She will sit and make a strong personal sized pot-birthday cake. The rest of us head to our smoking spot for the party, and we all throw our stuff together and smoke out the birthday person. We order food, etc. and have a great time :D a the end of the day, any amount of pot left goes to the birthday person no-strings-attached, plus they have their own pot birthday cake lol
  2. Imagine having a friend born on a leap year!
  3. We've got a friend born on Feb 29th lol :p He just picks ahead of time if he wants the 28th or the 1st (or if it's actually the 29th that year)
  4. When its my birthday, I always get the smoke ups from everyone :D
  5. Reminded me, on Christmas I gave my roommate a fat nug, tied a little bow around it (it really looked pretty hilarious). Put it in a ring box and sent it to him. He laughed his ass off
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    My birthday was yesterday. I celebrated by doing a wake n bake at around 5:00am with 4 fat, tight joints.

    I started seeing shit after I kept my eyes closed for a few minutes. Closed and open-eye visuals they call them?

    (I'm not sure if all people can see them, but you see how if you look around you see thousands of little dots in your eye-sight. Yeah, somehow I managed to make them appear as images. No lie, it was kind of creepy. I ended up laying down on my couch in the dark, and it looked like everything around me was coming at me in frames whenever I opened my eyes. It was scary lol, I started jumping up every now and then because I felt everything was literally coming at me to hit me. (like how you'd jump up in your sleep if you had a dream that you're falling and then woke up). The frames sort of moved with the same flow as a snake. Kinda hard to explain but.. yeah it was pretty weird lol. Only been smoking for little under a year. My first time was so different compared to this..
  7. Omg I wake-and-baked on my birthday :D I only really smoke bowls rather than blunts or joints (I do smoke them occasionally, but prefer bowls over anything). And I intentionally woke up and immediatelly started smoking. My assumption was that I would get really really high cause of the blood rushing through my system to work to wake me up. I don't know if it was true, or just a mental thing, but man those two/three bowls I had really got me high lol

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