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Birthday present??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighOnIt, May 16, 2010.

  1. Ok so my friends birthday came up and idk wat to get her. She likes to smoke weed occasionally but nothing like me. I was thinking of getting her a pipe since she can't realy buy one bkuz her parents check how she spends her money. I don't have a pipe either but I'm thinking of going to planet k and gettin something for her or maybe just get her some weed or sumtn?? Idk btw I want to get he somehing she can enjoy

    wat would you like for your birthday?
  2. well if she likes to smoke then get her some bud. i'm sure she would enjoy that.
  3. get her a dildo.

  4. I smoke her out a lot lol since I'm always the one tht has some. I kinda want to give her somethnig different, like somethin shell remember

    And no I'm not gettin her a dildo ha funny
  5. shaped pipe!!! double the pleasure double the fun..

  6. YES!!! you can smoke her vagina!!!
  7. Get her a pipe and an amount of good weed.
  8. Yeah that's kinda wat I was aiming for something sentimental...I think if I get her a pipe or a bong she will always remember me and everytime she smokes out of it shell be like "I love the present my homegirl gave me" and then she will never forget me lol
  9. Maybe you could ask her if she would like a pipe or weed? Because someone who only sometimes smokes might not really want something weed related for a birthday present.

  10. Haha really? Lol that's funny but I don't think it's possible
  11. Matching pipes? If you could find them. That'd be a good girl gift.

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