birthday present to me!

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  1. heyy so i finally got a hold of the money to buy my first nice birthday is coming up in a few weeks so i placed the order just now..hopefully it gets here as soon as possible!

    this is what i picked will hopefully get milk shots when it is actually mine -- speaking of, how many people have ordered a bong from EDIT? how long should i expect it to be?

  2. some people say it takes a month to get to you, and some people say 6-10 days.
  3. awesome well i guess ill just have to wait and see, do you know if they give you tracking codes? i just got the confirmation email but it still needs to be processed and stuff
  4. Today's my birthday!
    Someone get me something!
  5. ive never ordered from EDIT before, but i plan to soon. im gonna get a roor beaker with ice pinches. i cant wait.
  6. pretty slick tube, do those have carbs or no?? Either way that'll get you stoned silly
  7. nope no carb..just a 45cm tall straight tube with the ice pinches...i just wanted something real simple and sleek lookin so you cant get better than the straight clear tube

    im thinking it should rip like a champ..cant wait!

    im hoping it really is only 7-10 days like they advertise..i figured since it is coming from overseas who knows how long it would take..
  8. well let us know how long it took, because i would to know as well.
  9. That is a tight Birthday Present.
  10. sould arrive in around a week
  11. shipping time depends on what you order. some brands take longer to ship. it seems that all of the EHLE products take longer than most. I placed an order for an EHLE on jan 30 and it just arrived today. it took a week just to leave the UK.

    expect to wait awhile, but it will get there.
  12. how much does shipping from the UK for something like that run? that's like the main thing discouraging me from using that website
  13. ive ordered a spoon from edit and it got here in a couple days, but i live in the UK :p

    nice piece though.
  14. you can calculate the shipping before you buy. once again the shipping costs depend on what brands you are buying. the brand in your cart with the highest shipping cost, is what your going to pay for your items. ive never paid more than $30 but I think weedstars ship for more.
  15. My b-day is today too! Feb 18!!! Uhh any celebrities? John Travolta i think
  16. hey just in case anywhere cares about the status of the order (i cant stop thinking about it..haha it sucks)

    anyway..since my billing address is separate from my delivery address they needed to do like an added security check or whatever..basically just had to email them with the reason they are different or something and the name of my bank..anyway got that taken care of and earlier today they said the ordered had been settled and placed in the warehouse for processing..sounds promising!

    and in their section about shipping times, it says my shipping method takes 4-14 days from dispatch..we will see

    i guess im stuck with this

  17. so just to update if you care..

    got the email when i woke up this morning saying it had been dispatched and it is expected 7-10 day delivery. gave me a tracking number that right now says it has been entered and is being processed for international departure

    so i ordered it tuesday night, and by thursday morning it has left the warehouse ill let you know when it gets here!!

    im very excited.
  18. bump!
    congrats on the purchase?
    did you receive it yet? any pics?
    i plan on ordering from EDIT too but im still a lil uneasy.
  19. IT IS HERE!!! it came today, at about 3:00 PM local time. It said it left the U.K. on the 19th, and it arrived today, the 28th so not too shabby by any means.

    it is so awesome. i had the first milkshot but it got deleted somehow!?? im pissed, il ltry to get another one.. it hits like a dream.
  20. hey man, exactly which ehle bong was this? Ive been trying to pick out a gong to order for like 5 days now, been eyeing the Ehles.

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