Birthday present for my 16 yr. old brosef

Discussion in 'General' started by DEFSTONES, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Gonna give him these shrooms from my latest harvest, about 50 grams wet here and I'm gonna get him a bottle of some nice Stoli vodka. Hopefully he'll enjoy:p I wanted to get him a drum kit for his b-day, but I'm kinda broke right now:(




  2. i wish you were my brother
  3. I wish you were my brother.
    I'm too stoned to write my own reply.
  4. You going to shroom with him? Has he ever used them before?

    What a nice brother you are.

  5. You're giving him 50 grams and a bottle of Stoli?
    Holy shit that kid's set for a while.
  6. Fifty grams fresh or dry? Cuz there is a HUGE difference in coolness there lol, jk. You make me wish I had a brother.
  7. that kids brain is gonna be moooooooosh. and his liver too.

  8. wtf, don't spead bullshit
  9. That equals about one trip, his brain wont be mush. Stop listening to propaganda.

  10. Cool brother if you consider getting the dude a drumkit. Damn.
  11. How in the love of God (Take note that I'm not very knowledgeable in the psilocybin) does 50 grams equal one trip? Because I trip balls off 3 grams of dried..And shrooms aren't processed so how does 40 to like 47'ish grams of shrooms get rendered useless?

    There's no way moisture could weigh over an ounce alone.
  12. 50 grams wet is like what 10 dry or even less? Anyway eating them wet is the best way to do it from what i hear, although it's harder to dose. That is the sickest present ever.

    no wonder you have so much negative rep
  13. WIll you be my brother?

  14. We might shroom together, dunno if we'll have enuff for both of us plus other people. He's done them a couple of times before and said he loved them so I figured he would appreciate these.

    It will probably turn out to be around 5 grams dry, somewhere in that range - shrooms are usually about 90% water. Depends on how hard you wanna trip - these are homegrown and tend to be a lil bit more potent, if you ate 5 grams of these you'd be FUCKED up lol so it's either 2 amazing trips for him or 1 FANTASTICAL TRIP TO THE MOON for him. Personally, 2 grams of these shrooms puts me into a pretty visual trip + mindfuck so these would add up to 2 trips for me, everybody is different though. Either way, I'm sure he'll have tons of fun with these.

  15. Well actually there is a way. Mushrooms are somewhere around 90% water. So its safe to assume that when the water goes away, there goes pretty much all the weight.

    EDIT: damn defstones beat me to it.
  16. I did not know that about mushrooms.
    The more I know I guess.
    Being a stocker of produce at a grocery store involves handling mushrooms a lot.
    I wish I could say I'd known that fact since I work with them every day.
  17. Hahaha well now you know..........AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!!!! GO JOE!! :D

    I wish you were my brother man, i would LOVE 5 g's of those if they're as potent as you say they are.....PLUS a bottle of stoli?? GOD DAMN!! he's gonna have a kick ass b-day hahaha

    +REP for you!! :hello:

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