Birthday on Wed

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. And with it comes my new shiny laser engraved iPod. mmmmm iPod. Shame my 'puter with all my mp3s is broken but all the same... mmmmm iPod. Birthday drinkies will be a must but- ah the dryness. Ah well, life's good anyways so it doesn't matter :p
  2. happy birthday! i love birthdays. myself, i enjoy getting older. and ipod sounds awesome! sending lots of good karma for u!

  3. Happy Birthday, Switchy Boy!

    I hope you have a great day! Since life's already good, I hope it only get's better. You deserve all kinds of amazing things. (I could go into this whole "Switch is great and let me tell you why" thing but I'll smoke a big fat bowl instead.) :D
  4. aaaaah!:Dhappy birthday fellow picsean![​IMG]cheers switchy!

    what do you mean by laser engraved?

    kk, storytime!
    I was out on my deck this beautiful morning, and I see this very much older man joggin. Im thinkin to myself how great is that! my like minded and curious neighbor says, excuse me sir! but may I ask how old you are?! and the man stops and says Ill be 60 on wed :) and he waved to both us, smiled and went on his merry lil jog!
    and thats my story! you have the same bday as that kick ass older man lol!

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