Birthday: My girlfriend got me a Roo bong: Little Sista

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Medical Regs, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I love her sooooooo much!!! She's amazing! Hits so good.
  2. much

  3. I think she got it for a deal, like $330.
  4. i think they go for like 280
  5. Who cares how much? It's a dank bong, and it was free for you!
  6. Nice man, she might just be a keeper!
  7. Now you have a club to whack her with if she steps out of line.

    I'm only kidding. I'd be afraid to break that thing.
  8. Cool ass bitch.

  9. This is the 45cm, and I asked her she got it for $315.
  10. how does that simple and tiny of a bong go for $315? The fact that the sticker slapped on the side increased the price by like $150 makes me sick.

    the bong market is so fucked up
  11. not dissing the piece at all just saying roor is so upcharged

  12. Yeah, but heck... I didn't buy it.:D
  13. Amen rip her for all shes worth..... and im not talking about the bong. teheh
  14. That's a pretty sweet bong my dude.

    Also, nice infinity speakers. 'Tis a good brand.
  15. I dont see why that bong should be that much. It doesn't even have an ice catcher.
    I feel like you got to spend more because that cute lil sticker next to it
  16. Roors seem sick and all, but WHAT makes tthem a quality bong?
  17. The same thing that makes Polo and Gucci better than Hanes. Branding, and smart marketing.
  18. I'd be pissed if my girl bought me a RooR!

  19. fix'd! No need to thank me. :smoke:

  20. omfg lol. bad example.
    clearly you've never worked in the fashion industry. its NOT only that. its ALSO the great quality. (they also have lesser quality (especially the outlet stuff they sell. but so does every brand.)

    @ RooR. ofcourse you pay the name (like gucci or louis Vuitton orso) but always delivers a continue-high-quality piece.

    @ OP. Don't let the Name-rapers get you down :). You got a great, strong, well known piece. (you'd rather have that, than black leaf, or weedstar, or no-name cheapo piece, or whatever else there is that is lesser in quality.)


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