Birthday gift pipe

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  1. My close friend and I visited a LHS a few days ago. He is brand new to smoking so I have been guiding him through it with the knowledge I have collected so far. I saw him eyeballing a certain piece in the shop. I went back by myself the next day and picked up the pipe and a nice case for it. I gave this to him as a birthday gift. This is his first piece now and he loves it.
  2. you are an wesome fucking friend, and that is an awesome fucking pipe
    rep deserved...

    only ivegiven too much out today :(
  3. always nice to help a beginner toker :)
  4. you are one awesome friend OP! :D
    that is an kickass piece too! i <3 animal pipes
  5. Nice man! you are a stoner that fortifies the positive peaceful stoner stereotypes :D
  6. That's a sick piece, Would go well with my friends Eyeball piece.
  7. Gotta say, looks like a turd with wings. Other than that, awesome thing you did.
  8. Awww does it have a cute lil face?!
  9. + rep for being such a good friend! there arnt many people like you around!!
  10. shit i threw in some rep too.

    Your a good bean op!

  11. why fortify any stereotype?

    cool pipe, op.
  12. +rep, it's pretty unique.
  13. That piece is sweet man! I love animal pipes.
    Great friend too.

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