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    so my birthday was 5/20 so i decided i should get some first glass for my 19th birthday. i got a spoon named luna\swish for 30 bucks (i was really feelin it and it was my birthday, i knew it was overpriced). it's a matte cobalt glass with a rainbow thread going through it. i'll get some photos of it up to the light but for now:



    and i got a bubbler for 25 bucks. thick glass, doesn't need much water and is easy to fill\dump out and keep the bowl dry still. color changing glass, i'll post and update pic too.

    size reference


    update on color change (it was hard to tell in the first place however because of the quality)

    sorry for the crapy quality, all the pics and vid were taken with my phone, but i'm getting a new camera on saturday so that'll change soon!

    oh and the bubbler can reallly rip i love it and it fits right in your pocket and i have a tiny bottle for water i bring. its so great for on the go/while criusing. :bongin:
  2. Looks like the bubbler price makes the bowl you paid for a better deal ;)
  3. dude im in LOVE with the spoon. whered you pick it up at?!
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    a local headshop in washinton state. i didn't even realise it was rainbow until after i bought it. now that i've smoked out of it a few times the rainbow is even brighter.
  5. you said matte, do you mean the piece is blasted? cant really tell from the pics. $30 for a spoon is not that bad imo.
  6. thats a sick spoon. I got mine super cheap, and in comparison, it looks it. lol. nice pickup.

  7. Totally agree...haha
  8. idk if its blasted, but it's not shiny(what i meant by matte), so it might be? i'll get some better pics once i get my new camera

    yeah i definately think the bubbler was a better deal, but i love the spoon so i just thought whatever its my birthday i'm getting it :hello:
  9. Wow that's weird....My headshop has that EXACT same bowl lol, I almost bought it a few weeks back, but the glass seemed too thin.
  10. that bubbler was a good deal. nice!
  11. the spoon looks sick as fuck man way nicer then the bubbler imo

    If anything the spoon is local blown and the bubbler is china glass.

    Nice pickup :hello:

  12. basically yeah haha but i'm really liking them haha. i'd like to get a nice bubbler sometime soon. china glass gets the job done but... that's pretty much it haha
  13. dude, i want that spoon so bad. That thing looks wicked!
  14. fuckin sick spoon, love the colors and not many people rock the matte/blasted look.
  15. i love that spoon +rep

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