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Birthday Brownies.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Castle 420, May 11, 2010.

  1. Tomorrow (5/11) is my Bday. My GF and I are going to make some brownies. Because cash is tight, we only got an 8th of some good ole dankkity dank.

    But, we have never done this before. We have made butter once before, and it didn't turn out the greatest (the gf only wanted it to simmer for 30 mins, she has no patience :()

    I know it's impossible to tell the potency over the net, and even more so w/o pics. But in your opinion, would an 8th of some run of the mill dank (not medicinal) be enough? I really would prefer to save a little, or at least eat it the entire day.

    And if anyone could post a link to some nice DIY brownie recipes, I will +rep you with my neutral rep haha.

    Also, would i be able to attain the threshold high of edibles quicker/with less if I were to smoke too?

    *I'm new to edibles*

    Thanks for your help GC. ily guys:wave::D:rolleyes:

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