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Birth control

Discussion in 'General' started by The innovator, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So those little birth control pills that girls take... I just wanted to say how fucking awesome those are. Condoms are such a pain unless it's some random broad. On a side note does anybody have any good or bad stories about birth control?

    Yea weird thread but this is Grass"troll"city. :hello:
  2. I have bad stories... as in, multiple people I know getting pregnant while using birth control pills. :p

  3. Do you know what went wrong? Like did the chick skip a day or what?
  4. I know a good number of people who have kids who were conceived when the woman was on BC.

    I would tred with caution when it comes to condomless sex.

    Edit: JD you too? lol

  5. I wasn't there when they were taking them, so I can't say with 100% certainty, but most of them were responsible women who claimed to be taking them on time daily.

    But even when used correctly, they still aren't 100% effective. It is possible to get pregnant even when using them correctly.

  6. [​IMG]
  7. Birth control sucks.

    Dryer than a damn dessert down south. Fuck that.
  8. Yeah man. Birth control is awesome till it fucks you over...

  9. My gf never had that problem when she was on bc, but it really affected her moods, she got depressed, very easily irritated.

  10. One particular kind I was on (I think it was Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo) really fucked with my cycle.

    After a couple years on it, I started having literally two periods a month. Two long, bloody fucking periods.

  11. My gf was the most regular person ever.

    3 years after using that same pill, she is still not normal.

    Not 2 periods a month, but real weird sometimes. She was spotting for like over a week after her period should have ended the past month.

  12. Steady girlfriend homie

  13. Wouldn't be the first guy to catch something from a steady gf, just putting it out there.

  14. Yeah, some women just don't do well with the pills. Or at least certain varieties of pills.

    I remember like a year or two after I stopped taking them, I found one on the floor under my night stand and didn't recognize it at all. It was back when other drug discussion was still allowed here, so I posted looking for an ID on the pill and the people who figured out what it was were all awkward about it like "uhhh... I hate to tell you this, but that's a birth control pill and your man might be cheating on you..." :laughing:

    I know that has nothing to do with this thread, but it still makes me laugh. :p
  15. Well damn this doesn't sound good at all. What about cycling bc pills? Like 3 months on 2 off or something?

  16. Well she just went to the doctor a few weeks ago and was clean and she wouldn't cheat on me so I think I'm pretty good.

  17. Erratic and frequent changes in hormones like that can be unsettling for the body.

  18. Unless she's having issues with her variety of pills, then I don't see any reason to cycle them. She can always talk to her healthcare provider about it, but I certainly don't think trying to cycle them is going to make them any more effective.

    It's just something you have to accept, that birth control pills are not 100% effective. If you're okay with taking the risk anyway, then by all means. Many couples do. But you should at least have a serious discussion with your girlfriend about how you guys would handle it if she got pregnant.

  19. Well what would you suggest as the best method for a 20 year old girl?

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