Discussion in 'General' started by TooFuckingHigh, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Birks, who else wears 'em? Theyre great in winter too with some wool socks.:)

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  2. i wish i had goldfish, nice sandals and nice socks
  3. Hehe, goldfish are my staple food:), thanks for the compliments and thanks for replying!
  4. Hmm... i outa get me a pair....
  5. Yeah, theys nice and comfy. Sorry RMJL, always forget to put stuff in the right forum.
  6. I preffer chacos because they are better for the water, and when you live on a beach, that's iportant.

    Birks are cool, though. Sandals in general kick ass.

  7. You're cool...I bet you're just always high! ;)

    I wear them. I don't eat Goldfish, though. They make me really thirsty. Socks and sandels, however, do not make me thirsty. :D

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