Bird Seed's Grow Into Weed?

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  1. So I heard it once and decided to do it.I put a seed out that bird food into the dirt,and it actually sprouted.It was showing one small little leaf when it started to grow (pretty sure it was cannabis if your wondering),then I killed it because it was way to risky to grow at that time.So the seed grew,but I never smoked it.Will it get you high?I researched it and it said that it's only hemp or it will turn into a male plant.Anything to add on this??
  2. well...i think there's not much info on it because if you're going to spend the time and take the risk, you probably want to grow a plant that you know is going to be a really good strain
  3. What? :confused:

    A marijuana sprout has two cotyledons.
  4. [quote name='"BYOweed"']What? :confused:[/quote]

    there are hemp seeds in bird food and he wants to know if he can grow it out and get high
  5. Hemp plants are grown not for buds but for, you guessed it hemp.

    This means it's not bred for high thc/cbd content.

    I don't see why you wouldn't just use a bag seed from a sack of reefer as a last resort.
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    Last resort, sir how dare you! Bagseed is as noble as the buffalo that once roamed freely across this great land; bred through countless generations to withstand the rigors of our ever changing environment. Scorned now as designer strains have appealed to the competitive nature of those easily won over by fancy names and pretty colors. I'm still wondering if bagseed is the abhorrent spindly legged mongrel that everyone claims, then where did the genetics for the big money honey come from? Did someone find it in the jungle hidden from mankind and not part of the bloodline of the weed that has been grown worldwide since before recorded time? Did it suddenly sprout extra THC because people crossed indica with sative? Does ruderalis have some kind of overdrive built into it's DNA? It's my contention that bagseed can be grown and harvested to rival the most formidable sticky that the seed companies can throw at you.
    Hemp from birdseed on the other hand is laughable.

  7. Yes, yes. But, what is last resort then? Certainly not this :p

    And plus I like to know the strain I'm growing. ;)

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