Bipolar weather in cali is official

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  1. It's been a year now with bipolar weather.. Raining long periods of time during winter. It's been sunny for two weeks but now it's supposed to rain a whole week!
    I dontknow I I should keep em from the rain or let them get tough let it rain on them...
  2. Yea the weathers crazy! I let the rain hit mine unless they are big and flowered I cover them up.. the plants love the rain water!!!!
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    Ya I hope all the plants loved the rain last night!
  4. I am sure they were just fine with the rain. It is cold temperatures I would be concerned with. Imagine my dismay when I check the weather and it says rain and wake up to snow in the middle of may in cali. Hope the girls are troopers and pull through just fine or I will have to head the 100% clone route.
  5. I'm from MI - you folks in cali have no idea what bipolar weather really is :p
    Consider yourselves lucky :)
  6. Colorado got all of you beat.80 one day than foot of snow next day.
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    VERY TRUE and that's why it's suprisung to mr becuz we usually don't.
    I live in redwood city " climates best by government test" clouds coming from north west usually miss my city they just go east through sf.
  8. Surprising*
  9. yea,now its windy really hard,
    if it rains, i gather rain water,has any one tried that? i put a bowl outside
  10. Yeah this year has been horid! Hoop house is full!
  11. If you can put them inside or cover them. But mine love the rain, even if its a weeks worth especially right as it flowers. If they are tiny little things they wont survive
  12. this is why greenhouses are the way to go lately extremely cheap to setup and you don't have to deal with this rain and the weather in Cali is super bipolar this year, idk what it is...worlds coming to an end....80 degrees for a week then rains and hail in Nor Cal
  13. government is controlling the weather. The HARP program
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    Yeah I know:( some clouds aren't clouds

  15. Yea that's Norcal too, if not snow than inches and inches of rain overnight, then boom! Sunny
  16. I know right! Not too many are aware of it. I'm sure Norcal peeps
    are a little more in tune than most ;)
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    I went to Tahoe a month ago there was 8 ft of snow and blizzards. When I came back to the bay area the day way sunny and hott.
    But really the gov has screwed with the weather and were facing the consequences now. Cloudy in the early summer?
    Years of chem trails have taken affect
  18. You guys think bipolar weather is bad...I live in Tennessee right where a f5 tornado hit....and my babys survived...that's some insane shit
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    Well it is BAD. The mid south has always had shitty weather .
    But the point is California has never had bipolar weather. Where I live the rain coulds come from the pacific coast but go towards SF. The cities below Sf always get the sunshine. Past years at this time it would be 86% no clouds. I live below SF in Redwood city CA " Climates Best By Government Test"
  20. In north carolina it rains one day is hot as hell and sunny the next day and then the next day it is sunny and then a tornado comes and then its sunny again. Shits crazy

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