Biozone 1000 Home, Room, and Office Air Purifier

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  1. I'm living in an apartment where I happen to be growing marijuana and the other day I started having serious trouble with my scrubber, which meant I was having a major odor issue. I described my problem, in limited detail of course, to a friend and he gave me a Biozone 1000 air purifier. I was skeptical but desperate because my whole apartment was reeking of colitas in full motherfucking bloom. I plugged in the unit at the opposite end of the apartment from the grow room and went about my business. Ten minutes later every distinct odor in the apartment was annihilated. I couldn't smell incense or a fart after that. This unit cleans the air to such a degree that my apartment smells like a hospital only a lot fresher. The only draw back that I can see is the price of the unit at 369.95. For my apartment this thing kicks ass and I highly recommend it. (I would not recommend putting this unit in the actual grow room itself but it works wonders outside the space.)
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    Specifications of the unit:

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    • Unit Weight: 5 lb. <LI class=spec>Dimensions: 11" x 8 3/4" x 4 1/4" <LI class=spec>Coverage Area: 500-1,000 sq. ft. <LI class=spec>Power: 120 V/60 Hz <LI class=spec>Purifying Method: photoplasma, photocatalytic Ionization <LI class=spec>Housing: ABS, aluminum composite <LI class=spec>Extremely quiet, energy-efficient unit <LI class=spec>3-speed fan <LI class=spec>No filters to change or plates to clean <LI class=spec>Low maintenance; just replace the lamp once a year
    • Removes bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, odors, dust, pollen, and other allergens
    Stay green!

  2. Looks like a nice find. Is it an ozone generator? Also what was the problem with your filter? was the carbon just old, or did it just plain not work? I'd like to know so i can avoid doing something that would cause mine to fail... last thing i need is to come home to the smell of SOG plants growing in my rubbermaids lol
  3. Hi Goosie, good questions bro. My scrubber had some electrical problems and died so instead of just getting another one which I was going to do my buddy offered me this unit. The Biozone 1000 is an ozone generator but uses far fewer particles to scrub a given room. This unit senses how many ozone particles are already available and stops producing them. Here's a link with more information: I arrived home to just the scenario you described. My whole fucking apartment smelled like ripening colitas, and not just the apartment but the hallway too. Luckily for me I have one person across the hall from me (she's great) and we share a door that opens to the outside. Also working in my favor is that my scrubber went out during the day when most of my building's tenants are at work. One thing I can't stress enough, stay on top of the smell of your plants because when you live around them when they're blooming it's quite easy to adjust to the smell and even forget that it's there.
  4. Why wouldnt you recommend putting it in the growroom?
  5. awesome, i'll be ordering one of these in the next few months for my new apartment.
  6. Sorry for reviving a 4 year old thread but:
    It can also have negative effects on you if it's in your living space.

    It's nasty stuff.

    Building a large DIY carbon filter (or multiple ones if you've got some serious hippie funk in your grow room) seems like a safer alternative.

    5 gal. bucket, hardware cloth, pantyhose, and a 12" fan

    You can even dress them up like little R2D2's if you're into that kind of thing...
  7. Absolutely a must-have. It was expensive at the time it just came out in the market but it's worth having at home.

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