Bioshock pirate torrent crack shit!!

Discussion in 'General' started by kindness, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Is anybody here download torrents. And if you do have tried to downoad the bioshock game, do you know of any working cracks?
  2. I came into this thread thinking they had one now. Nope apparently.
  3. Man I ha ve been searching everywere and nobody can crack the mother fucker. DAmn bastards got the pirate community in a pickle.

    Sorry for making your hopes high. hehe
  4. Na, I dont have any money.
  5. Learn a skill and exploit it to the world for money.
  6. You are not allowed to talk about that kind of stuff here. for all your needs


  7. What the hell? We can\'t talk about guns? Why the hell not? I would say that the majority of people who come here live in North America, where guns are VERY common. Not for violent crimes- but for hunting, sport, or personal protection.

    In an act of civil disobedience, I think that if I ever want to talk about guns- I will. Just to prove that no harm will come of me posting a story of when I went down to the range and shot a 45/50.
  8. wow, didnt even see that one.

    unless they are talking about literally shooting someone I don\'t see the problem?
  9. Dont discuss anything illegal? HAHAAHAHHAHA!!! Your killin me man

    This whole site should be deleted then.:gc_rocks:
  10. Dude the site is based in Amsterdam not the U.S. different laws;)

    Bioshock still hasent been crack because it is pretty new wait for a while and you might see something. There are a lot of activation features that have been put into the game, so hackers need time to find work arounds.
  11. Yeah, it accualy connects to a server to tell if its fake. Plus you have to register. They got the bitch locked up. They even call it crack proof but at some point a crack team will figure it out, theres always a way.
  12. Not Welcome here, Do Not talk about torrent sites.
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