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  1. Alright so I have some ideas I'm really trying to get a handle on. So bioponics if you dont know is basicly organic hydroponics with a bio filter of some sorts and the nutrient rich organic matter either suspended in the water itself or in the bio filter.

    I'm having some crazy issues. Im growing a super lemon haze clone in a setup with a 3 gallon bucket nested into a 5 gallon with the bottom cut out and a screen over the bottom. The 3 gallon bucket contains a mix of coco, worm castings, perlite, kelp and super soil.

    My fan leaves have a combo of issues. The leaves turned yellowish tinged with brown reddish spots on them about the size of a ball point pen head.

    I've been dosing every other day with calmagic thinking my coco trapped all my calcium. I got the yellowing to stop and reverse some. However I still have the other issues. I'm about 6 weeks into flower and the hairs have started turning. Pretty sure I have lost this battle but I fear to lose the war.

    I think this idea has great promise as for the first 2 weeks the plant was growing like crazy. So I'm just asking for everyone's thoughts as to what I could do to improve my chance next time or anything I could do to save it would be awesome. Either way I'm having fun so whatever.
  2. I know in Hydroponics water temp is an issue, I wounder if water/soil temp could be an issue?
  3. Bioponics is beyond advanced. You should really try something like no-till or Korean natural farming using oriental herbal nutrients which are usually fermented tinctures of different herbs and concentrated essential oils or mushrooms and other biologically derived goodness. I feel a good understanding of these grow styles will lead to an easier time with bioponics. I’ve just started getting into full organic anics, aiming for no till but borrowing from multiple styles. And the other day o got a pipe dream urge to mayve attempt full organic completely home made hydro or aeroponics system. Hydro is already so finicky and tough to deal with. You are literally affecting each and every variable and have to tweak everything to ensure the plant uptakes it’s nutrients but when achieved properly the results can be amazing. If this is going to be achieved with the same efficacy as organics and recycled organic living soil the main objective will be fostering and maintaining the microbial life within the main reservoir. And a recirculating system/ undercurrent would almost be comepletely necessary because having to adjust multiple buckets in a multi plant grow would be a major difficulty. I would think that you wouldn’t be completelyfumping your reservoir every week but misread dumping a majority of it and keeping enough in to ensure you have enough microbial life to culture back to the proper levels. Either way it is going to be a constant back and forth struggle to maintain the perfect balance and ecosystem within your rhizosphere. All I say is good luck, and I hope you get the groove of this because I truly believe this would be an amazingly high yield way to cultivate without compromising on flavor

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