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BioMed's stash/pickup thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by biomed, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. hey everybody, thought i'd start a stash tread for my pickups. I'll try to get pics of as many of my pickups as possible,but i prollywon't get them all on here.

    the camera i am using is not the greatest, but i have this magnifying glass thing from radio shack that fits right over the lens of my camera to help me get better macros.

    here are some pics of a recent pickup he called it "mango" which is exactly what it smells like. the smell was absoulutely intoxicating.

    definite indica, very strong body stone, almost narcotic, any more than a few hits, and it's bed time.

    $110 for the 1/4 ... and worth every penny.

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  2. Here is what i am smoking on now. It has a little earthier smell but with some fruity undertones. also a good, indica dominant, body stone.

    This is a little smoother than the last stuff, and easier to hold in your lungs. not quite as strong as the last stuff but very potent, none the less.

    the cool thing about this pickup was that the whole 1/4 was one fat cola bud, i wish i had taken a pic before we separated it, the bud was actually like 7.8

    $100 for the 1/4

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  3. #3 biomed, Sep 20, 2009
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    here is some stativa i had a couple weeks back. he called it "jamaican red hair" i think he just makes names up but w/e... cool heady high, very earthy smell, doesn't look the best but it was a cool high and don't come across stativa too often.

    $100 a 1/4 which i thought was maybe a little too expensive for it. i'd be comfortable paying maybe $80 for it

    I guess i already posted the pics so I can't repost them, they're in this thread...
  4. picked up a couple grams of this, he said it's a sativa, i'll let ya'll know... smells really skunky with maybe a hint of sweetness. lots of trichs.


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  5. Awesome looking green, dude.

    Dank's the only way to go. :smoke:
  6. picked up a 1/4 of this yesterday. very sativa at first with a heady high then very relaxing. he said it was northern lights. $110 for the 7g. a little too dry but oh well.


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  7. NEW YORK CITY DIESEL!!!:hello:

    $110 for the 1/4... fantastic bud!!! smells like diesel fuel! very well cured and was harvested at peak maturity. very smooth & delicious. dank .... as .... hell.

    when i first picked it up i took 5 single-hits and was like wtf... this shit is crazy, had to sit down, didn't know what was going on, room was almost spinning... and i smoke dank daily, so i usually like 4-6 hits at a go. 2-3 hits of this stuff and i can barely function. AMAZING!!!

    probably one of my favorites, this and the mango. mango was more lethargic. this is like a nice balanced high, very heady and confusing at first, then veeeerrrryyy relaxing.

    here's some pics, i also picked up a 100x mini-microscope from radioshack. so i added a couple super mag'ed pics... this stuff is nothing but trichs.

    so sticky it stuck to the jar.....

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  8. you know... as im looking at the pics of my recent pickups... i realize that they look almost identical, but in person they do look different, and the REAL distinguishing factor is the SMELL & the density and consistancy.... but mostly the smell, they all smell absolutely different. i wish i could somehow post the scent of these buds...oh well:eek:

    i think maybe i need to get better lighting, and a better camera.

    would they look better on a white background?
  9. use natural light, from a window or something on a white book. or paper.. thats what i did and it worked fine.. also try to find the macro setting for your camera if you have one..
  10. yea, i think i've been using the macro setting... it says "close-up, for 28" away or less" so idk... it's a shitty kodak easyshare, the only way i can get any decent macros is by using that setting and using that 15x mag' glass held against the lens. anyways... i'll give it a try on white paper with natural light.

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