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Biohazard bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xsmallheartx, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hey fellow blades,

    I think I might be investing in a high quality piece, I really like the look of the tree / dome perc. I am considering BioHazard Coloured - 5mm Double Tree - 3 arm Percolator Bong - Dutch - but as they are quite new in the market I was wondering how good they are? Also because of grasscity's free shipping on orders $200 it will end up being cheaper then a $170 bong or so.

    The other thought was a cheap Black Leaf bong, grasscity have the one but it is out of stock at the moment so I will just link EDIT's Black Leaf Percolator Bong - Tribal Mid-Section - Online Shop

    The black leaf's specs seems good but it seems very cheap for the price, but if they were good then I could buy a bong bag too.

    5mm Roor's are too expensive or I would consider that.
  2. send me a pm when you find out I want to buy the same one...
  3. Biohazard makes some nice bongs. However I have seen them for a lot cheaper at my local headshop. I have hit many of them and they are all nice.
  4. Thanks, I live in Australia so I can only buy from online headshops.
  5. Which one did you end up getting? (if you got one yet) I have been looking at the black leaf one, have wanted to order it for awhile now but it's still out of stock. :( I'm still new to it all so I have no idea which would honestly be better, just personally love the black leaf one.
  6. I got an SYN, they are legit.

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