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  1. What’s up, Blades/Bladettes !
    I’m back with another question!
    This time around I was wondering about composting things and what exactly would work as a mulch or something.
    I work at a sports bar so we have a surplus of beer coasters.
    They all seem to be the same material, but I was wondering, do you think I would I be able to get away with using this as a mulch this season? They seem like they may be biodegradable, but I can’t find any information on how there made, they are like a standard cardboard(ish) coaster. But they do have color printed on them so I didn’t want to jump the gun and end up with chemical inks in my f-ing grow.
    If anyone can help me out or give me a suggestion for composting/mulches, that would be much appreciated!
    Thanks again, guys.
  2. The suppliers of the coasters have a copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that will tell all.
    Just ask them...
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  3. Makes sense. Not sure how I’d go about asking for those since I don’t work warehouse but I’ll see if I can find something about the manufacturers.
  4. The supplier is required to provide MSDS on demand.
  5. Ask the foreman if HE has a copy of the MSDS.
    Anything that is stored requires an MSDS.
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  6. Definitely bro. I’ll have to ask when I work tomorrow. Thanks for the help

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