Biochemistry major applications in MM?

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    Hello grass city,
    im going to type this quick because i need to go to class but i wanted to post asking how biochemistry could be applicable in the future of the medical marijuana business. I was interested in biochemistry with a pre pharmacy concentration however i realized that my passion does not stem from artificial drugs, i realized that my love was always for the countless ways i believe marijuana is benneficial to humans and society. I want to be an advocate for the legalization either recreationally or medically.
    My main questions here are
    - would biochemistry be a good major if i wanted to look into the marijuana industry?
    -would business courses be a good idea?
    -Would legalization ruin the potential for the pharmaceutical/medical aspect of medical marijuana?
    - how hard is it to get a job in the medical marijuana industry.
    *EDIT- my friend and me just discussed the potential of this idea and his main arguement was that im too late to jump into the medical marijuana industry, obviously it is still growing and will continue to, but in terms of research all of the ground breaking and moving discoveries are already being studied and found, therefore he stated by the time i graduate with an undergrad let alone my grad degree or doctine it would be too late to futher study marijuana.....does anyone else agree with his point?
    and basically anything else you believe might be pertinent to the overall topic of medical marijuana and how it can be progressed with science.
    Thank you everyone who responds
    P.S if it helps i currently go to school in connecticut however i have been planning on transferring to Colorado, either CSU or CU Boulder for the upcomming fall 2015 semester.

  2. try botany, or any botanical field.
  3. You kinda missed the boat. Stay in your state and wait for legalization and be in top
    Of the game.
    I took plant science and it has really helped with the quality of my growing.
  4. As others have stated botany majors will help the most. Some business education as well as agricultural business education. As for the research side of cannabis you are quite late to the party so to say. Many ways to get in and that maybe one, but I would rely on getting into the production or business side of mm or legalized cannabis markets as they open in other states.

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  5. While taking plans science you have to take ag business classes and ag accounting. A major in plant science is perfect.
  6. Agreed, currently getting my ba in botany with a minor in ag business. Gotta be happy with what you do in life. Lol

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  7. Would not want to be doing anything else.

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