Biochar as soil amendment

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  1. I'm thinking about using the Biochar Blend from GreenGro specifically.

    Anyone use this? I'm hearing good things!
  2. Biochar in general is a good soil amendment. It was used for thousands of years in South American cultures. It creates a home for soil microbes, stores nutrients and also acts as a drainage/aeration tool.

    If I were you I'd just grab a sack of biochar and add it to your soil yourself and not spend $$ on a little bit pre-added to a soil blend.

    Black owl brand comes to mind, or if you're so inclined it's ridiculously easy to make your own.

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  3. Thanks I would rather not get scammed haha.

    What are your favorite amendments / additives to your teas and water (if any) do you use in general to keep up happy microbial life?

    On a side note, I hear debate on this subject of people implying a hit of heavy PK boosters during flower is needed for any good yield for indoor growing. What is your take on this? Do you get similar results without the salts?
  4. Sure - no bottled nutrients needed.


    You should think about mixing up your own soil. By doing so you have complete control, don't need to worry about buying bottles, checking or adjusting pH, flushing, blah blah blah.

    Just keep things moist with tap water and sit back and watch things grow... so while it is a little work putting together the soil ingredients once you've got a high quality soil mix based on high quality ingredients the hard part is over. You can also use it over and over again.

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  5. Hey J
    You say tap water, question:
    Are you using any air stones to remove chlorine's from it 1st
    Or just straight from the tap?
    Just wondering Thanks as always
  6. I do suppose that everybody's water is different Stiggy - and my own water is from a deep artesian well these days. Generally speaking, the amount of chlorine in today's public water supplies is pretty much negligible as far as far as plant growth goes. I use public water for quite a few years and never had an issue.

    Then again, everyone else is different but I don't think it's usually a problem. If anyone is concerned about chlorine just leaving an open bucket of water overnight allows the chlorine to gas off. It's not really necessary to use an air stone.

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  7. Thanks
    When I was doing coco I always used air stone plus my tap water is high chem
    I live right near the treatment plant
    I soil I found using water directly from hose for outside plants worked fine
    just wanted your opinion ..
    Very good
  8. Man those are so stacked and frosted I can't argue with these results.
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  9. Sorry, no, that's just a single plant in a 15 gallon container.
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  10. I meant the buds, but thanks for clarifying lol. Beautiful plant!
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  11. Interesting with the constant uptake of nutes it gets an autumn color effect too. I suppose this is just the inevitable result of nature at play.
  12. This is due to "Plant Senescence " which is a combination of the loss of chlorophyll and Anthocyanin & Cartenoid pigments. Google "Plant senescence" and you'll come up with some great articles on how and why plant leaves change colors towards the end of their life cycle.

    Too many cannabis gardeners think its important to maintain healthy green leaves right up until harvest and keep pumping their plants full of chemical fertilizers to do so; all the while thinking "deficiency " when this simply isn't the case.

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  13. I know I’m years late but did you do any plant training to achieve yields like that?
  14. I’m sure I pinched the tops a couple times but that is the extent of it. Just extremely healthy plants using organic methods and homemade soil.

    And straight up tap water.

  15. Thanks for the insight

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