Biobizz soil and nutes

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  1. I'm using biobizz soil and nutes at the moment for my grow.
    I have a pH problem. Although I'm on route to getting a digital pH meter I would if possible like to know an estimate for the pH of my soil.

    Are nutes acidic/alkaline?
    And the soil?

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
  2. :wave: The Bio-bizz soil Im using has the pH on the side of the bag. I use bio-bizz light mix, says pH 6. It would depend on the pH of your water though as the nutes bring the pH down.
  3. Nutes are acidic?
    Damnnnn, I thought I had a pH issue before I started using the biobizz soil/nutes. Thought my pH was too high (had been using tap water). But now you tell me their both acidic, better take the HCl out of my prepared bottle for my next water. Actually no idea what my pH is. Ahhh.

    Got some browning/crispy leaves, spreading slowly on bottom leaves. 20 days old.

    I guess it's best to just leave it till I get a meter and can check it out. It hurts to watch the plant sit there and there's nothing I can do it about it. Some leaves are gonna be dieing off. It hurts.

    Thanks though! Stopped me from probably making the situation worse.
  4. :confused: You need to know the pH of your tap water first :D mine is high but yours might not be, so the times I just give them water I have to use some pH down, when I give them I feed I don't have to alter the pH usually.

    Good luck :wave:
  5. I live in London. Nearly all the water is hard here. I know the taste. It's definitely alkaline I just don't know the exact figures. A meter is the only solution to my problems.

    Luckily I study chemistry and biology, which both help a lot when it comes to the science of growing.

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