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bioavailability(if thats the word) at freezing temps

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by oceansgreen, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. ok, so i made some canna burgers a few weeks ago, left em in the fridge for a few hours cus we were planning on cookin and eatin em that night
    we didn't and are HOPING to get together this next weekend to eat em
    between the and now however, they've been in the deep freezer and i was wondering if they continued increasing in potency like non cooks would or if the temps stopped them from increasing in potency at all?

    if it matters, they're approx 1/3lb burgers, 77/23 or so and i mixed .5g into each approx that i broke up as fine as i could(don't have a legit grinder lol)

    thx for any help peeps:cool:
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    Idk if it would increase potency but AFAIK it could a little but probably wouldn't be noticeable anyways. Also, did you simply pattie the hamburgers out and put ground weed in them? This sounds like an extremely inefficient way doing it. If I were to make this I would have made cannabutter, melt it, and pour it on the inside of both the top and bottom buns.
  3. the freezing temperature would probably halt the extraction of the thc =/
  4. ^thats what i was afraid of... i guess if they don't work we'll get fucked up some other way lol
  5. OMG!!!!! they worked guys! haha, each burger was about a .5g and i had two and my buddy had one(would've been one a piece but they other guy bitched out on us) and for the first hour, we ran to king soopers and ate the burgers, left and went to the other dudes shop and watched superbad and about an hour after being there i decided to drink what i had left of some UV cherry vodka, about a 1/4 of a fifth, then a lil after that we had to go pick this guys kid up(which of course the mother didn't warn the guy until last minute, even though it was her night) and on the way over hes like, um dude, i think those burgers are working...
    so he drops me off on the corner b4 pickin up his kid(theres a lot of other story behind that so just ignore it and stick with me lol) and all of a sudden i start listenin to the crickets, theres one on the right, slow steady chirps, some on the left, quick uneven chirps, and the road in front of me is all windy, before you know it i had a fucking symphony going!
    i won't get into that much...
    then he picks me up, i guess he said it was like forty five minutes, he took a shit, tucked his kid in and got him to bed, fucked the chick and convinced her to keep him for the night
    and then we took off to go meet his uncle cus were not quite 21 yet, we got there and he was already passed out so we chilled in the van, saw his roomate walk by and talked to the fucker for a bit, still blitzed as shit
    watched the not as cool version of stoners new anthem on our phones lol
    then we passed out, him about 12AM me about 12:30, woke up at 6AM and went and got soem sheris!
    i got home about 8 and passed out in my room
    he ended up having to go and help his dad out at soem job for work so he was up all day today and said it ended about 12PM so from the time they started to kick in to the time that the effects wore out were about 14hours!!!
    fucking lovely way to spend 20 bux lol
  6. The fact that you made them three weeks ago contributes to why they worked so well. Time extraction (a couple weeks) is more effective than your typical heat extraction.
  7. yeah normally i would say that'd be the case, but i was under the impression that the time extraction either stopped or extremely slowed under the freezing temps of the deep freeze they were in

    either way, tolerance level, quality ofthe bud used, amount of fat in the burgers(they were like 77/23 or something like that, and the time between the time they were amde and when they were ate... these things gave us a ride lol

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