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  1. How can i acquire some of this product
  2. Try eBay or Amazon. I use eBay.

  3. I've ordered from them multiple times. I would suggest giving them a call.

    BioAg rocks!

  4. BioAg is a world leader in the technology and application of humate derivatives including fulvic acid isolates and humic acid powders for health and agriculture.
    In agricultural uses, fulvic and humic acids have favorable effect on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil. They improve soil structure, water holding capacity. They are considered detoxifying substances and chelate heavy metals that cause toxic reactions and inhibit nutrient availability in plants.
    Humic substances, including both humic acid and fulvic acid, are energy rich matter that increase microbial growth and biochemical interactions; such as carbon and nitrogen cycles and creation of other phytostimulants. In plants, humic acids have positive effects on enzyme activity, nutrient uptake, growth and immunity.

  5. You live outside the u.s?

    I will be giving them a call tonight
  6. Nope - I live and love and grow in Maine USA.
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    Genocide - BioAg now has an office in Europe with a link on to this office on thier main website, and they do carry the VAM product.

    Let me know how you make out.


    Ps - here is a link to the Europe website -

    Good luck.
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    J, Have you used/recommend any of other Bioag products?


    I ordered some Bioag VAM today directly from the Bioag website per numerous recommendations...I'll add that to the complete list once I get my grow off the ground.

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