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  1. alright gc

    the body is a delacate balance.

    depression, apathy, obesity
    is not the norm

    we are have the ability to feel bomb all the time.

    first thing i have tested.


    high protien/ coffee

    protien can release dopamine, but can make u a little sleepy
    so coffee counter acts that.

    dude like certain foods and shit can be treated and grown shitty
    and make u feel shitty.


    im into this idea

    what do u cats know about bio hacking...please share
  2. subbed
    this could get interesting
  3. I disagree here. Just like when you smoke some bud and feel good for a while, for every high there is a low and you will eventually come down.

    As far as "bio hacks" go, the most interesting one I can think of is the bodies ability to only need 2 hours total time of sleep (specifically 2 hours of deep REM sleep) to feel completely rested and restored.

    Sleep (or how to hack your brain) + Dustin Curtis
  4. Sleep on hand all night
    Wake up with "foreign hand"
    Put it down pants

    This is a real bio hack!

  5. golden
  6. alright.
    im going to report this as un biased as i can.

    after the coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil
    i feel great
    ok first hour i felt a coffee buzz, but the fat helps digest the coffee different and there may even be psychoactive compounds in coffee that may not digest as well regularly.

    the thing is, coffee may be better for people that we give credit.
    it may be with correct digestion and water intake one may not "crash" feel jittery
    and may even open the mind.

    note that the buzz from coffee is a little fluffy.... its possible to get off track

    i read a sugestion that said this will help u do what u are all ready good at better.

    but also a social boost may be increased with this new way of drinking coffee.

    idk I am still experimenting, i will see how i feel tomorrow.

    remember to try to get good beans
    the problem in cheap coffees can be mold which can make ur health worse

    idk this could be a small part in some mind expansion

    just reporting some shit im trying and that i heard
  7. oh yeah
    i have drank like 3-4 cups all day

    but the fat helps with hypoglycemia and tricks the body to run off fat not muscle .

    went to the gym. definite endurance increase
    but breath had to be focused on i felt like i could pass out but i was just rushing.

    got a little dis oriented but this is a production drug....and chilling wasn't working so i went and did some cool stuff
    going to do home work

    if anyone else has any tips with anything on ways to better navigate the social seas with the use of diet

    please share
  8. oh yeha

    coffee plus grassfed butter plus coconut oil,


    frothy yummyness
  9. Quality sleep is so helpful for mood and everything, try to lay off smoking before bed since it fucks with your rem and try to eat more fruit and drink tons of water

  10. butter in your coffee... hahah ok..

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