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  1. Hey everyone , can u help me out on how to use these two products? Which one is for vegging and which one for flowering , amounts , when , etc .. thank you ( im stoned out of my head so ill keep my sentences short :p)

    oh btw its Biobizz.
  2. I would think Bio Grow would be for veg and Bio Bloom would be for flowering. Use 1/4 strength what it says on the bottle.
  3. exactly like akhans said.

    If i was you i would go to your local hydro store and pick up this milimeter/oz syringe, there 5 bux and there pretty awesome, i just suck the nutes up and shoot em right into my water, than put my ph down and test my ph.

    but be careful with the ph down, the slightest amount can take it too far down.
    from what ive heard you dont want to go to far down using ph down than use ph up to try to bring it back up, youll just want to get some new water, redo your nutes and try over again.

    i just started doing nutes recently, and its quite easy.
  4. I use BioBizz all the time and yes Grow is the greener lookin one and thats for VEG and the Bloom, the one with the big yellow flower on it is for FLOWER. :smoking:
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    ye thats what i thought... that info bout them on their site got me confused :smoking: .

    um and u think i shud get one of those electronic pH testers ? or are those cheap solution ones the same deal ?
  6. The cheap pen testers are crap. They are so inaccurate it's a waste of money. Seriously, just get a 100 dollar tester that will last you the rest of your grows. You'll thank yourself when you start getting Ph lockout.
  7. i just use the drip tester (i doubt thats what its called)
    but basically the one where you get a sample of your nuted water and put in a few drops of this green stuff, and itl change the waters color.
    depending on the color chart, you would use a little bit ph down/up to get it to your desired ph level.
  8. can u give me an example of a good pH tester ?

    this is a pretty cheap alternative ... I can get these of my schools science lab .Are they accurate though ?

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