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  1. :wave: It's that time again, kids... finally gettin back to bitness! It's been quite some time since I've posted a journal, so here it goes! I'm also excited about the "Schroomy's Original Diesel x Purple Urkle" beans I'm about to pop. woot woot!!!:hello:

    The system is a very easy and very cheap one to put together... the buckets were free, the res is cheap, the most expensive part was the pump, and since I salvaged it from a fountain never used, it doesn't get cheaper.

    Hands down this is by far the easiest system to maintain. No res changes until harvest... check nute levels weekly, add when needed. I do not own a TDS meter... if you know how to 'read the need' of your girls, they are an un-needed expense.

    Once the system is up and running, it will run about a week to build up the benificial bacteria that will thrive in the root zone. Cuts will be taken and placed DIRECTLY into the buckets to root. In a matter of a few weeks, 3-5 basically, flowering will commence.

    The girls are a DJ Short/Breeder Steve project from a few years back... grown from seed and flowered out, then harvested the bud and repotted the girls and began re-vegging for cuts...

    When I can get the bottom of my closet set up with T5s, it will be where I'll grow the Purple Urkle. I'm psyced about that!

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  2. Looking good buddy! Remember to try to throw me a few clones of those bad girls.
  3. You betcha, Brudda Funk!

    I have been having an issue with Hydroton... as in any system it needs to be THOROUGHLY washed before use, and I was SURE I had washed it more than enough, but I was wrong. I lifted the bucket lids the other day and had red silt ALL through the buckets and res... I hate that part of hydroton, and I'm tired of waiting around for these cuts to root in it, so I've put the buckets at the bottom of the closet and I'm going to flower out the original plants again. They've been in training LST style to keep them squat. My plan is to get some small lava rock(which is what is originally recommended) and use that in the buckets instead of Hydroton... but at this point if I don't get something flowering really SOON, Christmas will be a drag. SO... in about another week, the girls in training will begin flowering... and I'll just I'll just keep perpetuating clones until harvest and the buckets are fully ready to go.

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  4. They're looking awesome! Man I'm getting a new place at the end of this month...when I do I'll definitely have to have you come by..I'll smoke you out while you teach me how to set up a kick as hyrdroponics set up...look bad ass man!
  5. What a difference a week can make. I've been tinkering with a fogging cloner on the cheap, and think I may have found a beauty.

    The Sweet Blue is actually more than ready to flower, but atm, I don't have seperate flower/veg areas, so until the Pruple Urkle are ready, I'll just continue to train the SB's.

    The Urkles are looking verrry indica-ish. Very short and squat with very wide leaves. I know how good the Diesel is, and from what I've seen in pics of the Urkle, I think I just may be in for a real treat... as well as YOU, Brudda Funk. :D

    The buckets ironically are taking off as you can see. Where this will go we'll just have to wait and see... if they veg long enough waiting for the Urkles, they may just get big enough for a good flowering. Time will tell. I'm thinking I may go ahead and get my 400w HPS ready and use that about halfway into flower. Not sure yet. I'd like to do seperate grows, one lit by T5s only and the other HPS, just to see the yield difference as well as the difference on the meter.

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  6. Nice setup bro. Are you using lava rocks for the bio?
  7. Thanks! And I wish I was Doc... I still haven't undertaken that task as of yet. It's just the muddy murky hydroton, and surprisingly, roots are showing already on the netpots. Next go around I'll have either made upper/lower seperate chambers in the 22 x 54 closet and will have lava rock instead of the hydroton, or I'll find a suitable size cabinet for vegging and cloning. The closet has a intake/filter box for the HVAC system and it takes up a good bit of floor space, hence the need for 3 footers in the bottom if I elect to split the closet to upper/lower.
  8. Flowering has begun! The Purple Urkle has now been seperated and cuts of the Sweet Blue have been taken and put in the "ABC Fog Cloner" and are on their way. The buckets are looking great thus far, and while upper and lower sections are still not e begun to seperated, the buckets have also been flipped to 12/12, although I would have liked to veg a liltte longer than I have. lOh well... next time around I'll be using the lava medium in the bucket netpots and I'll have the top seperated from the bottom and will be able to veg and flower at the same time. I'm hoping the stretch wont get too jiggy. I may end up having to do a little trimming if there is competing for light. Other than that, I think this time around the harvest will be quite sizable. C'mon Chrsitmas!

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  9. Looking good man looking good.
  10. Here's a quick update,... about a week or so into flower. Continuing the tying and training thru stretch. Thus far I've only raised the light about 3". I've started transplanting, the Urkel babies are now in 5" kords and have begun training as well. When I can get some more perlite I'll upcan the 4 SBS. I'll be doing that in another day or 2... IF I can find some perlite. Not easy to find this time of year 'round here. But I know the end harvest will be much heavier if I transplant into 3.5 gal pots part way into stretch. Any weight guesses? I'm HOPING for 3/4 lb. Probably more like 1/2 lb dry. Time will tell...

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  11. Here's another update... things are coming along nicely. The 4 SBS were repotted and are settling in to their new dirt, the Urkels are also coming along nicely, I sure hope I get a good female out of the 3. They are verrry stinky even this early in veg, so looking forward to flowering these. By the time flowering is done with the SBS, the Urkels should be quite ready for some flower time.

    Until next time!

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  12. Very NICE!
  13. Here's a quick update... things are coming along very nicely. Every other watering they get fed GH Floro Nova Bloom... the 4 SBS are settling into their new soil quite well and frosting up quickly. Ohhh and the smellllllllllll..... :D In 2 or 3 weeks or so, I'll cut off the feeding and start flushing with some good ol' Granny's Blackstrap Molasses... I'll know more exactly when I can get a trich scope. The 3 Urkles are coming along very well too... by the time flowering ends in the Zen Closet :D they'll be ready for some bloom time, and I'm hoping at least one is female. They sure do STINK, even now while still early in veg... gotta be a good sign!

    More pics next week, I only got a couple this week... and maybe next time I can get my digi working and show some nice clarity. Phone cams kinda suck.

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  14. Those are looking oh so excellent my brother hit me up if you want help trimming...I'd love to sample some of that delicous looking mary jane man! Please, don't forget to try and throw me some clones!

    Very nice I am definitely going to consult you for grow tips once I get up and running at my place. Which hopefully be in the next month or so.
  15. Thanks, D... things are coming along nicely... as soon as these are done, the stinky Urkels will go in and as soon as they show the girlie parts I'll let ya know. I'm actually quite surprised at bud size considering I'm only using 320w T5 floros. Not quite as big as a pop can, but would be more than enough for the g/f if ya catch my drift. Chop day may actually come a little before Christmas as ripe as things are starting to look. The scope will tell exactly when. There's not going to be a huge harvest, but you'll know when its time to burn, brudda.
  16. Here's a couple of updated pics... if I could figure out how to pull the pics off this new digi, I'd post some much better, clearer pics... one of the Sweet Blues will be ready before the others, so it will begin getting the blackstrap molasses in a few days. Maybe I'll have something to burn by Christmas that will actually burn! That's always a plus. :smoke:

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  17. very nice, shiny waxy leaves. im jealous
  18. Brother, you've gotta blaze some of that with me once it's ready!

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