Bing is better than Google?

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  1. Thoughts on this? Should I switch to bing or what? Last time I tried bing, which was a while ago, it had too many ads and I didn't like the UI cause it wasn't quite as user friendly as I've found google to be. I'm thinking about checking it out again though.
  2. Google works fine, plus I use Gmail.
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    Yes. I will probably always prefer gmail to hotmail. lol
  4. I don't know what else to say other than my own experience differs from the results of their study. Google is far more reliable and predictable for me.

    I only use Bing when I am specifically searching for Microsoft information (knowledge base/technet/msdn articles, etc.).
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    I do not like Bing and was never happy with the results I received when using it's search. Google has always worked well plus Gmail is top notch. I disagree with that study, but thats just me.

    Edit: Found this on stumbleupon and thought it was funny.
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  6. Google is my escape from Microsoft, I'm definitely not going to use Bing.
  7. i use bing all the time cause of the cool pictures it has on the homepage
    only problem with bing is you cant select what date you want to show up
    ex. past 24 hours, week , month
  8. In my experience, bing is basically useless.
  9. Fuck bing

    Plain and simple

    Tried it and genuinely disliked it
  10. I've grown up with Google, regardless of what the media says or what results show I'm gonna keep doing my thing with Google. Call it search engine loyalty if you will
  11. I've always found Bing to be more effective and nicer looking, but I use Google anyway. No idea why.
  12. google is still the top search engine. I dont think they will be easy to beat.
  13. I used bing for a week when it was new, I use google now
  14. I agree with everyone else. Google. I like the Google search because it is pretty start forward and to the point. Ads on the sides, your search in the middle with minimal extra stuff. And the new autofill for the search is pretty cool too. I have also had more success with Google than anything else.

    However, I have not used yahoo or Bing much. Just always have used Google. Of those that I've heard that like Bing, they are mostly people that I think don't use it enough to give it a fair rating.

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