Binaural beats, do you know?

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    i came across this while looking for sound illusions on youtube about a year ago, i tried listening to the binaural beats a couple of times, laying down with headphones and with my eyes closed( while being high) and i got really paranoid, and scared, the last time i even felt someone else was on the room, could really feel a prescence...

    so i stopped listening to them untill last week, im on a t-break now, trying to clean myself and get in focus with the college and stuff, so im trying meditation and i remembered about this binaural beats, found out that without being high i dont freak out haha! but anyways i want to keep trying this with meditation, but i would like to know a little more about it, found a page on wikipedia(i know its not the best source but what the hell) with a nice chart describing how each diferent frequency affects the brain, for example delta waves that have the lowest frequency(4HZ) produce deep dreamless sleep and loss of body awarness, and the gamma waves(40HZ) are associated with higher mental activity. any experiences with binaural beats you`d like to share?
  2. Download the cracked version of idoser if you're into this stuff.
  3. Yea man, I had a thread on this a while ago.. I'll leave the link cause I posted some of my fav's in it. Anyways, be sure to use headphones, and I prefer solfeggio frequencies personally, but binaural can be pretty intense after about 5-10 minutes straight meditation with it.. Eventually I just went back to normal silent meditation, but they are interesting to mess around with!

    Here's the link if you want it:

    Remember, USE HEADPHONES. :D

  4. Right on, i came across binaural frequencies on bing videos one time while i was high it was intense, not sure what frequency but when you use headphones i felt the sound waves bounce from one side of my head to the other. Halfway through the sound changed to a deep dark voice chanting "This is not a mind trick, this is a mind trick" trippy as that is i kept telling myself , this aint neither. Cool tool for times boredom. I do meditations too, although i use sound therapy, play wordless low tone music, pretty relaxing.
  5. DUDE DONT DO THIS SHIT, well do it if you want but it fucked my brain up. really weird shit started happening.. I kept getting sleep paralysis for a few months, started having psychic visions, etc.. sounds cool, but it comes at a price, which you will find out for yourself.
  6. Sounds more like a personal problem.. I've never had any problems? I've been using them off and on though.. I think it just feels like a mental massage.
  7. They should leave you feeling in a very harmonious state of well-being after use. I use both Solfeggio for meditation and Binaural sounds, particularly the hemispheric sync associated with Meta-Music and composers like Byron Metcalf, for what are really shamanic journeys. The Monroe Institute is a non-profit organisation that has a lot of excellent versions of this type of music. I favour the shamanic journeys over the straight meditations these days, but the Solfeggio tones are very healing.

  8. Sleep paralysis is the scariest, yet most amazing thing ever. I love it.
    Plus, Psychic visions?
    Sounds like a win/win for me.
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    Tried to rep you, but I guess I gotta spread more rep first. I think that's the one I use.. it's called Hemisync Gateway Experience? I don't think ive tried the shamanic ones though. I love shamanism so I'm instantly interested. Haha.
  10. Thanks for wanting to increase my rep. Seems like we have to spread it around before it can go to the same person. However, merely wanting to do so still has some effect as I get a virtual rep, which is just as good as the real thing except it doesn't show up anywhere ;)
  11. hey! yea i figured there should be a thread on this already hehe! ill check it out thx bro!

    shit id freak out if something like that happens to me!, i guess low tone music works something like the binaural beats?

    sounds scary but ill give it a try anyways, thx for the advice, by the way would you tell a lilttle bit more on the psychic visions?

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