Bin laden's Home Videos To Be Released Today

Discussion in 'Politics' started by garrison68, May 7, 2011.

  1. Bin laden's home videos, discovered during the raid on May 2, and previously unseen propaganda tapes, are expected to be released later today.

    This has been the best week in ten years.


  2. excellent..

    an osama reality TV show..

    wonder how long they'll stretch this whole osama thing out?

    they're feeding people little doses everyday..
  3. This could be good..

    Maybe now the US will see that he was just an ordinary dude...
    Not the devil but one man...
  4. MTV Cribs: Al Qaeda Edition
  5. i doubt they'll spin it that way..

    if the video makes him look like an "ordinary dude", they wouldn't be showing it.
  6. Yeah he was an ordinary (mass murderer) dude...
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    I don't always drink beer...


    No, in all seriousness, I figured something to this avail would eventually be released to satiate a small percentage of the public's curiosity. Really, they're just buying themselves a week until the 'death photo' brigade gets sick of watching the footage repeatedly and jump back on their collective bandwagon; which I'm not against at all, I believe the public needs to be shown this sort of thing, but I'm not one to sit back and question his death.

    Hell, most of us have thought he's been dead for years.
  8. I do not doubt that Binny was executed by US forces.

    What is annoying is the collective joy and chest in the air USA USA USA lark...
    It reminds me of the Ben Hur / Gladiator style movies where the masses were portrayed as being hungry for blood...

    Obama could start slaughtering enemies of the US NeoCon regime to his hearts content now...
    The masses have tasted blood and they sure have an appetite for it...
    The boys and girls will be chomping at the bit now to go kill some terrorists for Merika...

    Ron Paul is the knight in shining armor but his quest to save the kingdom is looking more bleak and hopeless by the day...:(
  9. ...I can see it now...clips released slowly...each one hinting at the truth...then in the last few we see it...he's in 'his' bra and panties licking a pigs balls, Osama was a female atheist pig-fracker all along...:eek::poke::bolt:

  10. This is getting better than anybody could have predicted. Everybody (well most of us) wanted to see him dead, but now we're seeing what he really looked like, without the makeup and dyed hair, without the help of Al quaeda's image makers: A weak and frail old man watching himself on satellite TV with a blanket over him.

  11. fuck the video

    let me see his mangled dead face

  12. what makes you think this video isn't bullshit?

    why would they videotape him watching TV?

    and how boring...

    osama watching TV!! OMG!
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    Yeah and it'll all be fake, scrubs actually believe this?

  14. thats why I want the killshot

  15. Yeah and it'll all be fake, scrubs actually believe this?[/QUOTE]

    the whole thing is laughable..

    people oohing and ahhing over an old man watching TV

  16. Dood he's got a beard, did you not see the beard? He's also wearing an asbestos snuggy, which can only be purchased in Pakistan.

    It also says Dept. of Defense on the video.

    And there's some squiggly arab letters on the TV too.
  17. This is the world's most dangerous man?

    I'm sure that the writers and cast of Saturday Night Live are busy in New York City today, preparing a parody of this week's developments. You can bet that the show's opening will feature somebody portraying Obama. I'll light up and watch it high for old time's sake. :hello:
  18. no it's not, and never was.

    definitely not the worlds most dangerous man..

    you wanna see some of the worlds most dangerous men? Look at my sig..

    only the media and the suckers who believe everything they hear would think that this is the worlds most dangerous man.
  19. Of course, but the most dangerous aren't necessarily the most evil. Bin laden and his allies have a monopoly on the latter.

    We really don't want to wait for these maniacs to get a nuke to hit us with, because it would mean certain retaliation with our's..

  20. I think your everyday, run of the mill rapist or serial killer is more evil than Bin Laden.

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