Bin laden- three 6 mafia

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  1. This song is so funny high, it's like a conversation in a song.

    Black guy 1: Mayne niggha check dis shit out

    Black guy 1: we was up in Chicago right

    Black guy 1: with my niggha big something no wut I'm sayinn

    Black guy 1: passed me a blunt like smoke did shit niggha, y'all don't know nuthin bout dis down south

    Black guy 1: this some straight fire nigghas named this bin laden weed mayne, itz like 6 different types of weed grown all together, some straight killa Chicago nights named dis shit bin laden weed mayne

  2. you just hearing this niow??
    used to bang this all the time while growin up
    [ame=]3 6 Mafia - Bin Laden Weed - YouTube[/ame]
  3. triple six... trip trip triple six.. miss that old school shit haha.

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