Bin Laden joke

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Nova, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. So uncle sam, osama bin laden and a canadian all find this genie lamp at the same time. after aruging for several minutes the genie apperas and aggres to grant them each one wish. the canadian goes first and says " i wish the trees in canada would be forever lush and fertile." the genie grants his wish and looks to osama. osama says " i wish there would be a huge wall around my country so nobody would get in or out." genie grants his wish and looks to uncle sam. uncle sam looks to osama and asks " how big is this wall? nobody could get out correct?" osama says yes and uncle sam replys "ok genie, fill it with water."
  2. Hell yah!. That is funny as hell

  3. ...but he's not in it
  4. thats pretty good
  5. That's just a joke that has been changed. It's not really one about osama- actually it's an englishman an american and a frenchman- the frenchman is in osama's position... Oh and if anyone would like to argue that one- I HEARD THE ORIGINAL THREE YEARS AGO TO THE DAY- something memorable happened to me right after that joke had been told to me.

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