Bin Laden calls Obama 'powerless', likens to Bush

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Obama is a 'powerless man'.

  2. He kind of spells it out there...
  3. I think Bin Laden is disappointed in his post Bush era fear rating.

    He used to be Godzilla, now he's just a retired troll.;)

  4. so Obama sent all of these troops into Afghanistan to capture a retired troll?

    or are we there to liberate them like we liberated the Iraqis?
  5. IMO Osama's been successful. Spread our troops thin, expose imperialism & bankrupt nation.

    Obama's the one that should be dissapointed, seeing as support for his wars are dropping.
  6. He makes sense, I'll give him that.
  7. "If you end the war, so to it," bin Laden said. "But if it is otherwise, all we will do is continue the war of attrition against you on all possible axes."

    And we're still over there?
  8. Who knows if there is an Osama bin Laden. :rolleyes:

    Why do you believe it? Because a TV told you so. Don't count on it.

    Sometimes I think they gave the real Osama a face lift and a new idenity and made him president of the United States.

  9. I don't know if dude is still really alive so i'm not sure how to take this... in all honesty. :D
  10. I agree with what he wants, it's too bad his stupid approach to making it happen made sure it never would.
  11. 'Bin Laden' tape: Obama can't stop war -
    I take it the truthers would dismiss this as a CIA operation?

  12. Ask yourself, why would a government created villain preach a completely different rationale for terrorism than the one attributed to him by said government?

    US Govt: They hate us because we're free

    Osama: We hate you because you're an invasive empire.

    Wouldn't it be more convenient for the government if their 'creation' fit the narrative?
  13. Just because Osama is seemingly legitimate doesn't mean the entire orchestration of 9/11 was.

    For example, Mossad has financed anti-Israeli terror groups later to be used as a pretext for war. They didn't commit the acts of terror, but they fostered and enabled an environment for their own self-serving ends.
  14. Osama actually did say "we hate you for your freedoms" at one point. I'll have to find the speech. Thats where the idea came from in the first place. Its not just a cheesy slogan.

    In fact, the paper tiger declaration also said something to the affect of, "your freedoms make you weak".
  15. Every thing I've seen written by Osama starts out speaking against the foreign occupation of holy soil, and the oppression of their people.

    Later on he will mention how we are fornicators and gamblers, but it is doubtful this is what motivates them, as it is clearly not the crux of his declaration against America.

    From the beginning of his 1996 declaration:

  16. IMHO Bin Laden is being paid or compensated in some way by our govt to side with the anti-big govt groups and defend the causes of non-interventionism amongst other laudable policies in order to discredit them and the people who legitimately believe in these ideals.

    I mean why would any 'decent, good hearted American' agree with limiting the powers of the federal government when we need big govt and world policing to protect us from things like 9/11.... :rolleyes:
  17. Real quick, you're not buying in to that are you? We were in Somalia feeding the people and he was working to starve them.

  18. I've read enough history to know the truth. Empires act under the principle of economic determinism, there's no incentive for morals.

    We supported General Siad Barre in Somalia for over 10 years, he caused way more suffering and starvation than Bin Laden ever did.

    Almost every murderous dictator of this century was sponsored by the US.
  19. Agreed.

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