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Billygoat's picture thread aka...... pics of my work

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by billygoat, May 24, 2010.

  1. crossing my fingers they end up on an online headshop.
  2. actually theres a guy that has a few and a new website coming soon but hes such a lagger its built he just hast taken it live yet for some reason ....ill keep you posted
  3. SO much awesomeness.
  4. This thread defines functional art.
    You are knocking these pieces out of the damn park.
    While my glass collection is not expanding anytime soon (el hefe slides are addicting) I have mad respect for your ability.
    i would love to see some kind of electroformed king bub, these pieces are sick! you're a master with indescribably beautiful work, please continue killing it.
  5. thanx bongsquad and pig pen and all that take the time to check out my work and lemme know what they think like it or not ...you can bet once i get back on the torch im gonna throw down ive been buggin out not being able to blow.

    heres a lil teaser of posts to come :smoke:
    yes thats moldavite :D
  6. I love all your shit billygoat.
    Can't wait to see what's to come.
  7. lotta opal shards and a sweet splosion marb..thats a tease man!
  8. Damn those neon green slides are sick! :smoke:
  9. billy, i just wanna smoke you out for the eyegasms from this thread alone. i wish i had the cash to pick up some of your functional artwork. keep it up :smoke:
  10. If you mind me asking.

    how long did it take for your skill to flourish.

    as im a starting glass blower, just with beads and beginner stuff.

    i want to get into the blowing game.
  11. in the next couple years we'll see PP03 glass? :D
  12. #252 billygoat, Jun 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 24, 2011
    hey pigpen ive been on the torch 12 years or so...hoping for another 12 years or so lol... any of you ever click the link in my signature to my glasspipes gallery? theres a ton of pics not posted here check it out....
  13. Definitely have BG.
    I remember early in the thread when it didn't work (took you to photobucket or some shit) and DR had to go and fix it.

    Sick shit always.

  14. so 12 years.

    ill assume that like 4 of them was just tinkering around?

    or did you apprentice with someone?

    or self taught, lol i hate barraging you with questions.

    but i have so many.
  15. no real tinkering went right into making pipes ... back then color changing wrap and rake was all the rage and it was a pretty simple tech to learn. and you could sell it allllll day long for decent money. i tinkered with other techniques as i learned them till i got them down to the point were i could execute them clean enough to add to the wrap and rake stuff then moved on to those techs till i had a new technique to add to the repertoire and so on. as i got tired of doing some stuff i just faded it out of production... so pretty much self taught with a lil guidance from others on the same journey maybe a lil farther along. by the way that friend i started blowing with was freeek and bearclaw and his brother started in the same town maybe a year if that before us so we were able to bounce ideas and develop a local style of sorts... it made a world of difference to all of us i bet.
  16. Wow well i assume you had to spend some dough on the equipment.

    im looking at a nice little torch,

    and have been watching mad teks on how to do pipes 10 different ways.

    i know everyone at every headshop in town and they all take pieces from local blowers.

    and i could probably get a job just making pipes but it would get old quick i assume

    but still a cool job.

    i just want to get into it for me, and if i make money thats cool.
  17. [​IMG]
    never got pics before i sold this one and just found it on line so i snagged these ..its got a gridded inline and a chopped and dropped dome...thanx for the comments and for taking an interest in my work... namaste!
    while your here hit the like button up top for fb :) and +1 it if your on google+ thanx again
  18. That thing is fuckin killer :eek:
  19. thanx surprize imchillin

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